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Help me out guys with replay's...

Creator: DXDeeLOL October 13, 2013 6:42am
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Sep 30th, 2013
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Hey guys!

I have recently started a series on my channel called the Fail Rift series and I am gathering replays to make the future episodes as funny as possible. If you have any funny replays to share please send them to my via e-mail. Send the replays to:

where to find your lolreplays?

the replays will be in your lolfolder under replays. For most lolreplays will be on the c/drive, however if you chose a different path then you should know where you installed it. If you can find it in C/drive look around on your different driven until you find it. Once you have the replay you would like to share with me open up your mail (gmail,yahoo etc) compose a new e-mail, send to ( set title to fails or whateveer you want, then attach the lolreplay file and state in a few sentences what fails the game has (would be great if you specify the time in the replay)

If you wish to send me replays with good jukes,kill or pentakills it would be great if you could also send that to me and title it (penta kill replay etc) or kills or jukes)

I would greatly appreciate it if you can send me replays that I could work with and make my series even better/funnier.


Hello, My name is Oskar and I am new to the forums but I will try to be active as much as possible, I also recently started making youtube videos so if you have a little spare time please check out my channel

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