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Insert Witty Comment Here : A podcast featuring...

Creator: Aharan June 18, 2012 8:34pm
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May 30th, 2011
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Since this is a place for videos, I might as well throw this up.

Insert Witty Comment Here is a podcast featuring myself, and a friend named "The Kaiser" (for clever reasons) and we talk about movies, games, whatever we want to.

It's split into seasons, much like a TV series, as the show stopped production in late September or so. For the love of god, stay away from the first season. There are of a bad quality, and I am ashamed of them.

But, starting in late April/early May, Insert Witty Comment Here was brought back from the dead, with two new co-hosts (The Armored Personnel Walrus and Unfunded Animal) at my side. This decision was made because of an school assignment and I liked the name, Insert Witty Comment Here so that was the name of our "radio broadcast". They are only around for the first three of Season Two, as I don't have contact with either folk during the summer. But it's coming back in full swing, as a brand-spanking new episode was put out five days ago, and we hope to get another up soon. This is going to be a weekly thing, hopefully.


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