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Join me on my way out of elo hell - iiNKK's...

Creator: iiNKK April 14, 2012 8:06am
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Apr 14th, 2012
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Current rating; 1509

I think you all know what the so called "Elo hell" is like, so me & my friend's decided to start commentary our way out of it.

I started on 1020 rating like most of the players do, but i had lots of friends who helped me get to 1400 by telling how to act & play in ranked. So now i want to share my experience with you and earn alot more.

So how will we do it?

We will try to show you how to counter your lane's right, by playing the right champions and building the right items. We will show you how to get the right focus on the right enemy champion and we will also show you how to have full controll over the map depending on the situation.

Feel free to help us if we fail as well, we are not perfect.

Some information about the Stream;
The resolution on the stream is HD.
We always speak English during ranked.
I always got a webcam on.
Questions can be asked in this thread OR on my livestream chat.

Feedback is appreciative.

So i hope you will join us on our way out of elo hell, hope you enjoy it!

Link to stream; - Follow me there to know when the livestream comes online or on twitter; Charlie199308!

- Your's iiNKK

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