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League machinimas

Creator: ShadowOfHecarim July 24, 2012 6:30am
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Jul 24th, 2012
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Hey hows it going everyone I just thought id post my league machinimas in this forum hope you all enjoy! let me know what you think
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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Welcome to Mobafire : )

From the Machinima I've seen, I don't
quite think this particular one you're listing
would qualify, as it's just Renekton gameplay with
a rather passionate voiceover. But I'm sure some people
would find it quite entertaining, haha.
"(Btw LZ, I read all of your posts like a poem because your paragraphs look like stanzas. It's rather amusing. :P)" - PsiGuard
"^ya same
why you write like that" - wRAthoFVuLK
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"Why do you write like that LZ?" - iownedya
"no-one knows, but it is unique.
An artist originalising his work,
per say. Yet what have I done,
I have copied his work.
It's probably wrong too, but lolz. Keep at it LZ, since it makes reading your posts interesting." - ShiftyCake

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