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Me2kEloGuy - Playing Shyv in the Jungle

Creator: alcapucino July 26, 2012 6:17am
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Sep 2nd, 2011
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I am Alcapucîno - just a random 2k guy on Eu - West, nothing special i know QQ but i always wanted to stream my games and entertain people and be informative, all in all being a good streamer and player :DD, but my i-net is very very and i am living in a village u know :P ? So i thought i just upload my replays with good music (?) and comments xD I hope i get some response! :D It is my first vid and and not that goooood BUT I will improve i just uploaded it, to give u a little insight about me! I will do more Videos and they will be way better, hopefully :D, and i already have some thoughts, but i just couldn´t wait to upload my first game and i hope someone will watch it <: and give some critcism.

Soooo Pls watch it and tell me what u think about it, which music, more talking ( my voice is fuzzy i think sorry for this QQ) , which champ u want to see in the jungle, shall i do guides, i will do everything u want from me ;D, tell me what, the community needs <: SOOO stay tuned! and give me advices ! And could someone tell me, how snoopeh or some other streamers (dyrus,ocelote) are doing it, that they can show they currently playing track, i like this feature and would like to add it to my videos <: , i think it has something to do with adding screensection but no idea how :< Sooo I know it´s bad but watch it, give it a try, i will improve! And I answer any questions :D maybe you even recommend me ! :D

Ps: I hope i posted in it the right forum, if not i am sorry :P, if u liked it, upvote it in the reddit forums r/lolreplays and r/lolstreams aswell pls :3 I posted it in r/lolstreams and r/lolreplays because i am not sure what it is :DD, because it should be somehow like a stream but like i told i can just upload replays ^ furthermore it´s more advertisement for me xD and be aware, that this was NO ranked game just a normal game !

Here we go:
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Feb 2nd, 2011
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Hello! 2k elo is something to be proud about :)

Good luck with your videos and welcome to the community!
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Oct 31st, 2010
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2k wata noob
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