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New HD Stream & LF Ranked Team

Creator: Ertyx December 21, 2011 3:34pm
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Jul 25th, 2011
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Hi everybody,

to the few of you who know me, my name is Phoenix a.k.a Ertyx. I'm a gaming enthusiast and love League. I'm proud to present my latest channel and past time:

Ertyx TV

Streaming HD Matches

Including (but not proud of )
Low Elo Matches,
Audio commentary,
Noob vs. Pro moments,
and video dialogue of any game I play (Including the latest SWTOR)
offline I'll be streaming Hardstyle Radio for some kick *** techno tunes.

I invite you to come play with me or simply watch, chat, and chill.

I'll be posting in this forum as an update to the League Forums.

As I am starting this channel stream today, I'm curious if there is anybody who wants to get in some good ranked pre-made matches.

Ertyx Stats

696 Normal Wins


82 wins 90 losses
1113 Elo

I play:

24 wins 10 losses Vladimir
7 wins 3 losses Taric
6 wins 1 loss Mordekaiser
4 wins 1 loss Jungle Shyvana
9 wins 8 losses Singed

6 wins 8 losses Jungle Tryndamere

Willing to learn with the team and get better
Pst Me in Game or Email me at

Look foward to seeing you!

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