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"The Alphabet of Legends" and...

Creator: TwoLazyBrits June 5, 2012 4:47pm
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Apr 17th, 2012
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Hello guys! we are the TwoLazyBrits i.e Scott and Joe, and we're basically your youtube type people. you know the ones...they game and make commentaries. Well that's us, anyway we make LoL videos aswel.

We have 2 shows on LoL at the moment, the Alphabet of Legends, which is a A-Z marathon type thing of all the characters, not showing of skills or been amazing or a guide or anything it's just an A-Z for entertainment purposes because I enjoy playing all the chars even though I'm not really good at most of them :P (me the recording person been Joe)

The other show is "New to the League" which is what it sounds like to be honest it's showing the newest champions on LoL as soon as I get them (in EU West) not so much a spotlight, even though I will try divulge as much info as I know about the character as I know at that time. It is liturally my first game with that character showing how they work in a normal 5v5 classic rather that just show off their skills and good points in spotlight fashion.

Anyway that's our two LoL shows we have going at the moment with a few more Ideas to be coming up in the future. Come check us out at and check out all the other content we do aswel we would appreciate the support and we hope you enjoy it if not then...ok! your choice but if you do please leave a few comments rate the vids and sub if you really like and hopefully we'll see you in the future! much love Mobagamers!

Joe...The Moody One

P.S You can also check out the videos on our profile here we upload all the vids on here aswel :)

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