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Shyvana's got the Jukes Like Jagger [LoL...

Creator: xTin0x April 15, 2012 3:31pm
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Nov 6th, 2011
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Hey guys, my name is Tino and I just started posting League of Legends content on youtube. Sadly I have very little active subscribers (most of them are more interested in minecraft, and I haven't uploaded that in a year) and now I need to rebuild my subscriber base.

So I would really appreciate if you could check out my channel, I'll be uploading some funny shenanigans that happen while playing with my friends. Sometimes I'm drunk, sometimes I'm just being stupid, but something funny happens every time :P.

Did I mention I'm South American and that I have a somewhat funny accent? hahahaha

So without further to do, here's my first LoL video, hope you guys like it, and consider leaving an honest rating (like or dislike), a comment, and maaaybe if you reaaally liked what you saw, subscribe to my channel. Thank you :D

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