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Some love for all the beginners from a n00b's...

Creator: jackmake October 25, 2018 8:51am
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Oct 15th, 2018
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I recently posted that I am starting LoL like a week ago or something. I must say, I did a lot of research, practiced a lot, played co-op bot games, asked friends for advice, asked you guys for tips etc. I really want to share what I learned by now.

Watch some guides and make sure you use the tips/tricks they talk about in them. Here's a playlist with some cool guides about the meta, roles, champions, laning, game sense and a lot more awesome stuff. Don't be afraid to spend some time watching it, it's merely an hour long and it's completely worth it to hear the thoughts and ideas of people that are playing the game for so long and are actually good at it!

My advice to everyone new (maybe a lot of the "pros" can use these as well):

You are not playing alone; this is obviously a team game and trying to "kill everyone" or "win the game by yourself" will only bring bad consequences and you will end up losing.

Be kind to your teammates. I know a lot of other players are toxic and just bashing and trolling other people if they do mistakes and rage out for no obvious reasons; but please do not be that guy. You will hate yourself later, trust me I have played countless hours with bad people (not in LoL, but in other games)

Try communicating as much as possible. Even if you do not have a mic try typing stuff out. You know that everyone will read it. If you do have a mic and you do not feel comfortable speaking make some weird noises when you ask for help (joking). If you actually have a mic and think of yourself as a "not-good-at-spoken-English" you have got to start somewhere! And do it ASAP, you will be amazed how much people improve over time and you are one of them.

Always be vigilant, opponents are lurking and watching your every move.

Choose your role wisely.

Try to keep yourself up to date with the meta and the new update.

Proper choice of items could be the key to winning.

And last, but not least - enjoy the game and have fun.

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