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Sro is doing it all and rage about xin zhao...

Creator: Voxez March 5, 2023 7:20am
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Jan 2nd, 2023
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🔹Sro flames the jungler and tries to carry but still loose the game
#solorenektononly #sro #rage #fiora

Thank you for watching!
i hope you guys enjoy the video.

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00:00 - Sro tilted by fiora's q
00:53 - Diana's gank
01:11 - Dragon teamfight
02:20 - Sro dies again and blame it on teammate
03:05 - "I did not play any of this correctly"
04:14 - xin zhao pings sro first time
05:15 - xin zhao 2nd ping,sro rage
07:00 - last team fight

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