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Streaming Build Practice Zz'Rot Tank Alistar...

Creator: cyrosgold January 26, 2015 10:18pm
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Mar 23rd, 2014
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This is a tanky Alistar build featuring both Smite with Stalker's Blade and the Zz'Rot Portal. The Zz'Rot Portal is the only item I get with Resistances so in turn I have to squeeze out all I can get from runes and masteries with the aim towards late game. So I opted to take almost entirely Scaling runes. I run 9 normal armor marks, 9 Scaling armor seals, 9 Scaling MR glyphs, and 3 Scaling HP quints. My masteries are 0/21/9. I build Sightstone, Lucidity boots, Face of the mountain, Stalker's Blade(With Juggernaut enchant), Zz'Rot Portal, and Seraphs Embrace.

I'll be streaming a few hours of practice with this build here So come join me and see how this build turns out.

You can find a video of it in action here: (once it's done processing.

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