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Top 3 League of Legends Gameplays

Creator: Brynollf January 2, 2012 10:40am
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Jun 11th, 2011
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So hi guys!

I've got a Youtube gaming channel where i put out full LoL gameplays. Buuuut i recently broke my arm so i can't game at all... So to keep my channel alive and so i can have something to do i'm going to start a series of Top 3 League of Legends Gameplays. So help me out guys and send your best LoL gameplay.

So abit of like rules and such.
It has too be LoL gameplay.
It can be a normal movie file like .Avi or LoL replay files .Lrf (i think)
Would be awesome if you could say approximatley where the thing you want to be in the film is.
You can make the clips smaller with like Winzip if you feel like it.
Everything will be sent to

My youtube channel so you can check up if you're in it!

Thanks for the help friends and good luck!
Thanks to Xiao for the awesome signature!
Please +Rep me if i helped you.

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