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Why Haven't You Played Swain?

Creator: Aqwafina November 19, 2015 1:07pm
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Nov 19th, 2015
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Transcript -

Why haven't you played Swain?

Hi guys and welcome to a new video, no I'm not doing a sh***y reaction video. I was only doing that for the youtube money, now that I'm rollin in it, it's time to give you guys some serious videos. Some of you may know that Swain is my favorite mid lane champ, and with the new update, swain is nothing short of OVERPOWERED.

Let me explain, see Swain has had nothing but BUFFS in his entire patch history. Seriously, take a look.

[Swain Patch History]


Nevermove 70% from 50%?
Torment 80% from 60%
Range Increase?
Cooldown Reduction?

Hopefully Riot never sees this video otherwise he'll end up getting the Urgot treatment. SERIOUSLY WHERE DA F**K IS HIS REWORK? You Reworked GRAVES...riot..just..whatever.

Anyway so lets just take a general look at Swain. This sexy lookin mother-

His Passive regains mana on minion and champ kills
He has a slow for his Q
a Snare for his W
a Damage Over Time for his E
and WOAH WTF IS THAT for his Ultimate.

He's kind of a jack of all trades. The trick to playing Swain is what I like to call his hidden damage potential. See his abilities by themselves aren't especially astounding, and you can kind of lure enemies into a false sense of confidence by just playing like a bi- defensively early. His E ability is what makes him stand out, because it's not just a DOT, it's a damage amplification like the late Deathfire grasp.

Torment at max level hits for 70 damage + 24% of his AP AND gives 20% damage amplification for 4 seconds. So you add that up carry the 9 multiply by 5 And THAT'S, I don't know I'm not that great at math, but it doesn't matter cuz this other guy is ****in dead.

Did you hear what I just said? You have 4 seconds of a 20% damage buff to hit them with the rest of your abilities. If it's not enough that ALL your abilities do damage, when you toggle your ultimate you're also HEALING. For 75% against champions for every bird that jumps out of...wherever they're coming from.

Combine this with Rod of the Ages, Spirit Visage, and Zhonyas and BAM you got yourself free LP.

BUT WAIT Aqwa, wasn't there just a big patch? Yep.

It's like Riot decided to say " Hey lets balance this game and be the company this community deserves!....SIKE"

What? I want damage?
Oh more damage?
Mini Liandri's?
Deathfire touch for MORE DAMAGE?
Seriously MORE DAMAGE?

I don't even understand....

Anyway this basically means that after level 6 if you have half a brain you're basically unstoppable.I know it's only the preseason and there will be changes in the future, but Swain is still a solid all around champ that, when used correctly can absolutely carry games hard. So the questions remains..why haven't you played Swain?

Thank you guys for watching this video! I really enjoyed making it and if you would like to see more videos like this just hit it with a like and leave a comment below. Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of the weekly uploads and I'll see you guys in the next video! Peace!

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