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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Bonetooth Necklace (Green)

Bonetooth Necklace (Green)
Total Price: 0 | Recipe Price: 0

LoL Item: Bonetooth Necklace (Green)

UNIQUE Passive: MEMENTOS OF THE HUNT: Rengar collects trophies when killing champions and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Rengar gains one Trophy whenever he scores a kill or assist. (3 Trophies) Rengar gains 25 flat movement speed while out of combat or while in brush. (6 Trophies) Unseen Predator's range is increased by 125. (12 Trophies) Thrill of the Hunt's stealth duration is increased by 5 seconds. (20 Trophies) Thrill of the Hunt's bonus movement speed while stealthed is doubled. Scoring a kill or assist on Kha'Zix during the event, The Hunt is On!, causes this item to upgrade into the Head of Kha'Zix, which permanently grants the effects of all 20 trophies.

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