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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Eye of the Herald

Eye of the Herald
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LoL Item: Eye of the Herald
Summoner's Rift

Passive: Glimpse of the Void: The holder of the Eye of the Herald has Empowered Recall, reducing their Recall time to 4 seconds. Upon completing the recall, instantly restores 50% of the holder's maximum health and mana and grants 50% bonus movement speed for 8 seconds. This passive is lost when the Eye is crushed.

Click: Herald's Call: Crushing the Eye of the Herald instigates a 3.5 second channel. If successful, you summon an allied Rift Herald to siege enemy turrets. If interrupted, the Eye is lost.

This item can be picked up after slaying the Rift Herald and replaces your trinket for 240 seconds or until consumed.

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