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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Ranger's Trailblazer

Ranger's Trailblazer
Total Price: 850 | Recipe Price: 450 | Sell Price: 595

LoL Item: Ranger's Trailblazer

UNIQUE Passive: Blasting Smite: Smite deals half damage to all monsters and enemy minions near the target and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Casting Smite on a monster restores 15% of missing Health and Mana.

UNIQUE Passive: Jungler: Deal 45 magic damage on hit to monsters over 2 seconds and gain 10 health and 5 mana per second while in combat with monsters. Additionally, you gain 30 gold for every large monster kill.

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BbbxConfuscius (1) | November 26, 2014 11:24am
I after only a few days on the new jungle think this is an amazong jungling item. It can save you actually while being ganked by the other jungler.
IcyAuron (23) | November 21, 2014 8:34am
Pretty much a must have for any mana-dependent jungler in 3s.
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