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Aurora Ability Reveal

Aurora joins the League of Legends champion roster in Patch 14.14, in about a month's time. Get a sneak peak of her abilities in our article below!

Overall, Aurora is a magic damage-dealing solo laner with high amounts of damage and mobility - appropriate for a bunny-themed Vastayan indeed. In addition to gaining movement speed while in her passive form, Aurora has two separate hopping abilities that allow her to traverse terrain. She nominally deals area-of-effect damage, with AoE potential on both her Q and E, as well as the potential for dealing damage to anyone caught in her ultimate - if they’re foolish enough to try and flee.

Additionally, Aurora joins the roster of champions who can go Invisible, an elite club that includes the likes of Akali, Kha'Zix, Shaco, and more. Invisible units can only be revealed by True Sight, so make sure to stock up on some Control Wards if you're facing her!

Passive - Spirit Abjuration

When Aurora damages an enemy three times with either her spells or attacks, she will deal extra magic damage and exorcise a spirit. Exorcising a spirit causes Aurora to enter "Spirit Mode" during which she has increased movement speed and empowered healing for three seconds.

Like Bard, Thresh, and Senna, Aurora collects spirits throughout the game, which increases the potency of their buff. For every additional spirit following Aurora, the bonuses from Spirit Mode are increased by 5%.

Q - Twofold Hex

Aurora files a projectile of energy in a linear direction, dealing damage and marking enemies hit with spirit energy. On a re-cast, Aurora ends the curse, drawing back spirit energy to herself and dealing damage to enemies that the energy passes through.

W - Across the Veil

Aurora hops in a direction, and, upon landing, enters the spirit realm. While in the spirit realm, Aurora is Invisible and enters "Spirit Mode" for several seconds. You can hop over small walls with this ability.

Takedowns on enemy champions reset the cooldown of this ability.

E - The Weirding

Aurora sends out a blast of energy, dealing magic damage in an area and applying a slow. On cast, Aurora will hop backwards. You can hop over walls with this ability.

R - Between Worlds

Aurora sends out a pulse of energy which deals damage and slows enemies, then creates a large circular zone around the impact point. Within the zone, Aurora enters an empowered Spirit Mode which allows her to travel from one end of the zone to the other. Enemies who try to cross the threshold will take damage, be slowed, and pushed back towards the centre of the area.

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