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Changes to the Surrender Voting System - LoL Patch 13.7

Patch 13.7 sneaked up a System Change to Early Surrender Votes striping away one of the biggest pain points. The reason for the removal will shock your mind. 

During League of Legends history, the Surrender Voting System has received quite a lot of changes to improve the overall experience for League players. For instance, way back in the day you couldn’t surrender if you had an AFK player from minute one, so you were forced to play out the entire game with one less player.

That’s why when Riot implemented the Early Surrender Vote many old school LoL players got very happy (Especially when the early loss did not mean your LP going down). 

The other big change was the ability to surrender at minute 15, the condition though is that you require all players to vote YES. Meaning that with a 4-1 the game would still continue. 

Unanimous vote is removed for 15 Minute Surrender Votes

League of Legends Patch 13.7 notes announced the removal of unanimous vote for early surrender votes at minute 15. This was done after much experimentation in Normal Game Modes, the results lead to slightly lower average game times.

The 4-1 Voting System Conundrum

When League of Legends Patch 13.7 shared changes to the early surrender votes, not much later it sparked a discussion in the r/Leagueoflegends subreddit. In this post, they quoted Riot Phreak reasoning in his patch rundown for LoL Patch 13.7, where he shared the shocking statistic that games with 4-1 Surrender votes at minute 15 had a 97% chance to end up in a defeat (a very disheartening number to players who like to scale and comeback win in late.)

After failed 4-1 Surrender votes at minute 15, 97% of games ended up in a defeat

Riot Phroxzon, the one that pulled out the data, soon after he shared more details regards the numbers from a tweet in his official Twitter account. (Actually the number is 96,7% of games).

One funny fact is that he was really confused how some games were going from 4-1 surrender failed to victory within a few minutes. After inspecting the games, it was from teams "meme surrendering".

Will the new changes to the Early Surrender System have a heavy impact in how we play ranked games? Time will tell, but one thing you can do is improve your chances at winning games by learning from the best of the best how to play your champion the most optimal way, feel free to check our MOBAFire guides

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