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Home // News // “Mixed” opinions on Ivern Midscope Update – LoL Patch 13.10

“Mixed” opinions on Ivern Midscope Update – LoL Patch 13.10

People either LOVE or HATE the new Ivern Midscope Update. Find out what's the buzz about these upcoming changes planned to release in League of Legends patch 13.11!

Ivern is a unique champion in League of Legends. The enchanter jungler instead of taking down minions in the jungle, has this special passive that allows him to become friends with them and free them to gain experience/gold.

In addition to his unique passive, Ivern can create brushes, share camp buffs with allies, give shields that deal damage/slow, and summon a friendly pet called Daisy, that knocks up enemies and “tanks” for the team. This set of abilities makes Ivern a jungler enchanter that feels like no other champion.

Despite that, his place in popularity charts is not the best, currently, he boasts a 0.58% pick rate, the second lowest in the game. And taking into account the announcement of junglers being able to share buffs with allies (a previously unique feature to Ivern), it makes sense that Riot wanted to make a round of changes to help him out. 

Ivern Midscope Update and Buff sharing are delayed to release on LoL patch 13.11. This was announced after a series of feedback threads regarding bugs with Ivern in the PBE (Not being able to clear camps with Smite), and backlash from the nerfs to his E shield.

Mixed Feelings on Ivern Changes - LoL Patch 13.10

After Ivern changes were announced in a dev blog about Midscope Process & Rell, people were very excited about the loving tree finally receiving changes, especially his fanbase, which although small, is very passionate about him. However, once his changes were released in PBE, the general sentiment quickly dissipated. While others saw the changes as a special set of buffs that would make him stronger, others classified them as “unnecessary” and even detrimental to the champion's state

Insignificant Ivern Midscope Updates - LoL Patch 13.10

Words such as “insignificant” or “disconnected” were thrown around on posts made by Ivern players.

The matter got worse when important figures such as Nick "LS" De Cesare, streamer, caster, and known Ivern player, started to call the changes as being an overall nerf when the champion was in a perfectly good state.

Besides LS points, most complaints ranted about the changes not improving his main weakness against counter jungling, tough nerfs like brushes disappearing after 1 second of losing vision inside them, and overall the update feeling detached from his “Druid” champion identity.

Although many comments weren’t as positive for the Ivern Midscope Update, there were people that actually liked the changes, and even highlighted a few sets of hidden buffs that will improve the Green Tree.

Ivern Midscope Hidden Buffs - LoL Pach 13.10

According to this post, Ivern received a lot of hidden buffs in most of his abilities.

For instance, one of them is to his Rootcaller (Q), with the Midscope update, if you don’t recast the ability after hitting a target, Ivern will dash until he is 525 units near/away from an enemy, allowing for more versatility to either escape sticky situations or create new forms of pressure.

Another set of positives is to his Brushmaker (W), granting on hit-damage. Triggerseed (E) second copy of shield if the ability does not deal damage to any champion (Apparently works well with new items). And finally, the added Malphite Esque change to Daisy (R) that along with the new Rootcaller interaction (Daisy dashes to an enemy targeted by Ivern's Q), allows him to have new combos and creative ways to use the ultimate.

Despite mixed feelings, one change that all players welcomed was the added Daisy knock-up upon arrival. Like always, we do not know how the Midscope will be received once the vast majority of players get their hands on the champion in patch 13.11.

But if we know one thing about League of Legends players, is that sometimes they overreact to changes in PBE, and once this release, like in the case of Neeko Midscope, people end up loving them... even worshipping them. And maybe this will happen with the Ivern Midscope Update.

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