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Home // News // Everything we know about TFT Set 9.5: Runeterra Reforged - Horizon Bound

Everything we know about TFT Set 9.5: Runeterra Reforged - Horizon Bound

Pirates and Elementalist are joining the Convergence, Silco is coming back, and a bunch more stuff (New items included). This is Runeterra Reforged: Horizon Bound so make sure to read this article to learn all the details about the last Mid-set in this TFT story.

The first part of Runeterra Reforged it's finally coming to an end. This set 9 brought many interesting metas and crazyness, such as the Draven/Aurelion Sol conundrum, Reroll Garen with Zeke's sacks, and overall powershifts.

Besides of that, the introductions of new mechanics like the Legends and the reroll option when selecting Augments proved to not only help the newer players have a better time, but also created unique and new ways to play the game.

However, everything has to come to an end and we are looking forward to what's coming in Horizonbound in just one week. So ride along to learn everything about the last Mid-Set, the new, the old, the changed, and the op.

Divine Sword Irelia is the Legendary New Chibi

Like in every huge patch, this is gonna be a long and detailed post. To help you out we are going to divide this article into different sections.

Here are the sections:

Quick Disclaimer: All of these changes aren’t final, so this article will be getting updates throughout the PBE Horizonbound cycle until Mid Set release.

UPDATE: Last PBE Patch Update

Riot Mortdog shared the last PBE updates before the launch of Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound. Here's the list of changes.

One reminder though, these numbers could potentially change once Horizonbound is live on the official servers.

In regards to the changes, the most significant is the removal of the Rapid Firecannon bug.

Rapid Fire cannon was giving an Amp damage of 108%, instead of the usual 36%, so it's clear why this was changed. The better users of this bug was comps that used Nilah or Mordekaiser as their main carry.

With this update out of the way, most of the changes don't actually shift the information shown here about the new Horizonbound additions. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the trait changes.

New traits in TFT Set 9.5

Two new regions are entering the fray with a brand new class making its first appearance. Let’s start with the first new region: Bilgewater.

Source: Info taken from Riot’s official website blog post.



Bilgewater Overview

The first announced addition to Horizonbound are the Bilgewater Pirates.

Now into their unique effects. Each Bilgewater champion applies a mark to enemies with their attacks and abilities. After a brief delay, cannon shots will strike ONLY marked enemies, dealing physical damage that increases with damage dealt to the marked enemy from Bilgewater units. As your crew expands, cannon shots will do more damage.

  • (3) 150 + 35% Damage dealt
  • (5) 250 + 50% Damage dealt
  • (7) 400 + 100% Damage dealt
  • (9) 650 + 125% Damage dealt; nearby enemies take 50% of cannonball damage

(These numbers got changed)

As you may notice, the 9 breakpoint is a game-changing one, the main problem is to actually get it. There are only seven Bilgewater units, so it’s mandatory to get at least supporting Augments that give Bilgewater emblems, or make two emblems (Urf may be good with this).

Talking about units, these are the Bilgewater units coming to Horizonbound.

Bilgewater units in TFT Set 9.5

The start of the show

Illaoi: Tier 1 Bastion

  • Harsh Lesson
  • Deal magic damage to the current target, linking souls for 5 seconds. While linked, heal % of all damage taken by the target.

Graves: Tier 1 Gunner, Rogue

  • Smoke Grenade
  • Launch a smoke grenade toward the current target. It explodes on impact dealing physical damage to adjacent enemies, leaving behind a smoke cloud that Chills for a few seconds.
  • Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 30%.
  • Duration : 3 / 3.5 / 4 seconds.

Twisted Fate: Tier 2 Multicaster

  • Stacked Deck
  • Throw a hand of cards at the current target, dealing damage and encircling them. After 1.5 seconds the cards explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Nautilus: Tier 3 Juggernaut

  • Riptide
  • Passive: Gain 30% bonus Armor and Magic Resistance from all sources.
  • Active: Summon a whirlpool that deals magic damage to enemies within two hexes, Stunning them and pulling them towards the center with a knock up.
  • Stun Duration : 1.5 / 1.5 / 2 seconds.

Miss Fortune: Tier 3 Strategist

  • X Marks the Spot
  • Call down an X-shaped rain of bullets, dealing magic damage and Wounding targets for 5 seconds.
  • Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%.

Nilah: Tier 4 Vanquisher

  • Formless Blade
  • Passive: Attacks strike in a cone, dealing physical damage to up to 2 additional enemies. Every 3rd attack becomes empowered, striking in a line for physical damage.
  • Active: Gain Shield for 3 seconds and dash to a safe location. For the rest of combat, gain 44% stacking Attack Speed.

Gangplank: Tier 5 Gunner, Reaver King

  • The Dreadway
  • Cutlass Passive: Gain 50 Armor and Magic Resist. Attacks ignite the target, dealing true damage over 3 seconds. Pistol Passive: Gain 3 range. Attacks grant 5 extra mana.
  • Active: Summon the Dreadway to sail across the board, crashing into the first enemy hit and dealing magic damage in a 3-hex radius. Allies the Dreadway passes through or hits with the crash are empowered by citrus, gaining Attack Speed and immunity to crowd control for 4 seconds.
  • Attack Speed : 30% / 40% / 300%.

Reactions to Bilgewater in the PBE

As of right now, most players are talking about the strength of two particular Bilgewater units: Gangplank and Miss Fortune.

Gangplank is dominating most lobbies, especially for his ability and the versatility of having both a melee and range form. So watch out! He may be the most OP upcoming unit.



Ixtal Overview

Runeterra Lore’s enthusiasts were waiting for Ixtal to make an appearance in Runeterra Reforged, and while it did not happen at the beginning the elementalist region is finally here.

Ixtal brings the rise of the elements into Horizonbound. Ixtal units create different elemental hexes each game that empower units standing on them.

  • (2) Create 1 hex.
  • (3) Create 2 hexes.
  • (4) A brand new effect (Will depend on the element).

Before going to each element, which is a ton, let’s delve into the Ixtal units first.

Ixtal units in TFT Set 9.5

Milio: Tier 1 Invoker

  • Ultra Mega Fire Kick!!!
  • Kick a ball at the current target that deals magic damage and Stuns for 2 seconds. The ball bounces to the closest enemy behind the target, dealing magic damage on impact and magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Qiyana: Tier 2 Rogue, Slayer

  • Supreme Display of Talent
  • Dash to strike enemies in a line and deal physical damage, Stunning and knocking up the first target hit for 1.5 seconds and all other targets for 0.5 seconds.

Neeko: Tier 3 Bastion

  • Pop Blossom
  • Leap towards the current target and gain Shield for 3 seconds. Slam down after a brief delay, dealing magic damage to enemies within two hexes.

Conditions of Hexes:

Each Elemental hexes will appear in the same position and host the same element for each player in the lobby (Not too much RNG here). The Elemental hexes will appear in the same position and with the same element for each player in the lobby.

The elemental hexes will be the same no matter how many hexes are active.

We previously mentioned that when you get to the last Ixtal breakpoint the elemental hexes will gain an extra effect. Well, let’s delve into the different elements.

Disclaimer: In regards to the numbers, there still left untouched. As a reminder, this article will be updated with new changes as much as possible.

Stone: At the start of combat, empowered champions become immune to crowd control effects and reduce incoming damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

Bonus Effect: Empowered champions heal 550 on takedown.

Ice: The first time each empowered champion is reduced below 30% Health, they are encased in protective ice, becoming Untargetable and healing for 30% of their max Health over 2 seconds.

Bonus Effect: Upon freezing, adjacent enemies take 30% of their max Health as magic damage.

Electric: The first time an enemy takes damage from each empowered champion's Ability, they are Stunned for 2 seconds.

Bonus Effect: Empowered champions can Stun each enemy once every 6 seconds instead.

Wood: Empowered champions gain 10% max Health. At the start of combat, they also gain 20 permanent max Health and grow in size.

Bonus Effect: Every 4 seconds, empowered champions gain 15 Ability Power and 15% Attack Damage.

Fire: Damage from an empowered champion's Ability sets enemies on fire, dealing 45% of Ability damage dealt as magic damage and Burning them for 1% of their max HP each second, over 3 seconds.

Bonus Effect: Fires deal 90% of Ability damage dealt and 2% Burn instead.

UPDATE: Ixtal Fire Burn % from 45/45/90% to 60/60/100%

Wind: Empowered champions gain 40% Attack Speed for 4 seconds at the start of combat and whenever they use their Ability.

Bonus Effect: Bonus Attack Speed stacks and lasts until the end of combat.

There are a lot of elements to play around, the player's task is to find out how they will fit in different compositions and make the best compositions around them. Huge potential for this trait, although it will take quite some time before we see the neat combinations players end up finding out.



Vanquisher Overview

Replacing Deadeyes, Vanquisher is the new class joining Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound. Most Deadeye units changed to Vanquisher, but one Deadeye unit we are saying goodbye to is Urgot. The other one is Aphelios, he will stay in the Set as a Gunner.

According to the Horizonbound post, Vanquishers are created to shred units with their true damage to beefy units. This will make them very good in lobbies filled with players using high HP traits like Bruisers.

  • (2) 15% chance, 10% damage.
  • (4) 35% chance, 25% damage.
  • (6) 55% chance, 40% damage.

Vanquisher Units in TFT Set 9.5

From the previous set

  • Jhin: Tier 1 Ionia.
  • Ashe: Tier 2 Freljord.
  • Darius: Tier 3 Juggernaut, Slayer.

New 4 cost

Nilah: Tier 4 Bilgewater

  • Formless Blade
  • Passive: Attacks strike in a cone, dealing physical damage to up to 2 additional enemies. Every 3rd attack strikes in a line for physical damage and grants 25% Attack Speed.
  • Active: Gain Shield for 3 seconds and dash to a safe location.

Update: Nilah got buffs in the PBE. These are the updated numbers..

  • Spell Shield 250/350/700
  • Passive Attack Speed% 25/25/40%

Xayah: Tier 4 Ionia

  • Featherstrike
  • Summon feathers that converge on the current target, dealing physical damage each. Each feather removes 6 Armor from the first target they hit until the end of combat.
  • Ionia Bonus: Attacks restore an additional 5 Mana.

New Units in Horizonbound

Before moving to the 4 cost units, which there are a lot of, here’s the list of the new units.

1 Cost

Milio TFT

The Gentle Flame is coming to TFT

  • Graves – Bilgewater, Rogue and Gunner.
  • Illaoi – Bilgewater and Bastion.
  • Milio – Ixtal and Invoker.

To point out: There are now two 1-cost Invoker units.

2 Cost

Naafiri TFT

The new Darkin unit

  • Naafiri – Darkin, Shurima and Challenger.
  • Qiyana – Ixtal, Rogue and Slayer.
  • Twisted Fate – Bilgewater and Multicaster.

3 Cost

  • Miss Fortune – Bilgewater and Strategist.
  • Nautilus – Bilgewater and Juggernaut.
  • Neeko – Ixtal and Bastion.
  • Quinn – Demacia and Slayer.

5 Cost

  • Gangplank – Bilgewater, Gunner and Reaver King (Unique Trait).
  • Ryze: Bilgewater.
  • Ryze: Ixtal.

As you may notice, most of the new units are Bilgewater, while there are only three Ixtal units. The most interesting changes are the 4-cost units though, especially one special unit that’s returning from ruling Zaun.

New Four Costs in TFT Set 9.5

According to Riot, the most successful Mid-set are the ones with changes to the 4-cost units roster. Well, they did hold their word in this, so let’s first find out the units going out:

Yasuo and Lux TFT


Lux, Urgot, Zeri, Gwen, and Yasuo are out. Also, we are saying goodbye to Shadow Isles, Yordle, and Deadeye traits.

Now into the first 4-cost unit making a return, Arcane’s main antagonist in the first season is making a comeback to Teamfight Tactics.

Silco: Zaun, Sorcerer

Silco TFT

The Undercity Overlord is back

Now a Sorcerer with a very strong ability, Undercity Tactics, that both shreds units and heals allies.

“Silco is back to remind you that power, real power, doesn’t come to those who were born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. It comes to those who just hit.” Quote from the official post.

Undercity Tactics is the new Silco spell.

Throws a vial at a nearby enemy, covering adjacent hexes in shimmer for a few seconds. Enemies in the contaminated zone take damage each second, while allies affected by shimmer heal each second.

As of right now, especially today, Silco is doing very well in vertical Sorcerer comps, his damage plus healing works especially well with strong frontlines like Taric or Shen. He is particularly strong at killing the frontline with his constant DPS.

However, he does struggle against units that go directly to the backline, and with all of the buffs planned to Rogue, that may be a significant downside.

Nilah: Bilgewater, Vanquisher

Nilah TFT

Watch out for her, she's rocking in the PBE

The first 4-cost Vanquisher unit we are going to delve into is Nilah.

Nilah’s attacks strike in a cone, dealing AOE damage, while her spell, Formless Blade, allows her to don a shield and dive to a safe (for her) location, gaining stacking (and smacking) attack speed.

As of right now, Nilah is one of the main carry options to opt for in the Bilgewater comps, her ability to tear through frontlines thanks to being a Vanquisher synergizes well with her kit.

Also, Nilah is one of the best users of the buffed Scope Weapon augment, with two Rapidfire Cannons players are deleting everyone in the fights. Make sure to test it!

There’s a comp that uses this tech with Mordekaiser. You can check this early list of comps to play around in the PBE right now.

Xayah: Ionia, Vanquisher

Xayah TFT

This time she doesn't have Rakan at her side

Xayah is a backliner with built-in Armor reduction, she just needs to get to casting to pull it off. A combination of Attack Speed and AD items will get her into the cadence of ripping feathers—and armor—off enemy tanks and backliners alike. One thing to note about Xayah, though: she has trouble hitting cornered units with her ability.

Xayah is not doing too hot currently in the PBE, she’s receiving a set of changes to her damage already.

Mordekaiser: Noxus, Slayer

Mordekaiser TFT

This new Noxus/Slayer unit is no joke

Mordekaiser hits hard with his attacks that scale with AP. He hits even harder when his spell is active, granting him a shield and one hex more of range for a moderate duration. During this time, if he kills an enemy, he’ll steal AD, AP, Armor, MR, and Health from that enemy for the rest of combat.

Mordekaiser benefits from a mix of offensive AP items and defensive items. Activating Slayer is key to keeping Mordeakaiser’s health topped off so he can keep popping off.

Talking about units that are dominating in the early lobbies. Right now, Mordekaiser is dominating, so when he goes live, make sure to keep an eye on him, he’s gonna make for a staple in this Mid Set.

Fiora: Demacia, Challenger

Fiora TFT

From the Academy to the Demacia rows

Fiora’s ability Blade Waltz, makes her untargetable as she strikes at her target's vitals. Each strike deals physical damage scaling with AD, and bonus true damage scaling with AP. She also heals for a small portion of the damage dealt. And if her target dies—which they will—she’ll change targets to the nearest enemy.

Much like in Gizmos & Gadgets, Fiora is back as a four cost unit. In this iteration, she is a challenger. Right now in the PBE she has already proved to be a menace, especially with setups of hybrid damage to take advantage.

She’s already receiving nerfs so yeah… Fiora somehow always end up being a OP unit.

Quick Note: Two Darkins means a new effect to the trait.

With the addition of Naafiri, the Darkin trait is having a new effect when you have both on your board.

  • 1) Darkin are possessed by a weapon. When they die, the weapon possesses the nearest ally champion, granting them the weapon's power.
  • (2) Weapon powers become 50% stronger Weapon powers are described in each Darkin's Ability tooltip.

Two New LoL Champions are making it into TFT

To round things up in regards to units, the latest two League of Legends champion are making their appearance in Teamfight Tactics. To give them a big welcome, there are two reroll comps protagonized by these two units. Although Naafiri one is already receiving buffs.

As a 1-cost, Milio (Invoker, Ixtal) he's really good as a holder for AP items, he has a surprisingly good damage his ability that also has good CC.

There are a few videos out there testing this reroll comp, and is surprisingly strong. As a low roll comp keep in mind that you need to start with loss streaks for good economy and no leveling. At round 3-1, you will roll to find as many copies of Milio as you can.

This comp is one to try out, but do keep in mind that you will still need to find other carries to supplement your damage in the late game.

To play the second reroll comp, quoted as “Who Let the Dogs Out”, you will play Naafiri as your main carry. Like most 2 cost reroll you will need to get to level 6 to slowroll until you find your three-star units.

In this comp you will aim to get both Naafiri (Damage) and Warwick (Tank) at three-stars. Once you move further into the game, you will want to add a secondary carry in Fiora (Or Kai’Sa if you have AP) and Nasus for a frontline.

Finally, your win condition in late-game is to find Aatrox. Currently, Naafiri is not doing too hot but she's being buffed in the PBE making this a comp to look out for in the future when the set is released.

New Region Portals in TFT Set 9.5

Two New Regions means new Portals. Read the details below.

Region Portals: Bilgewater

Bilgewater Region Portals are all about shopping and having a good economy.

Finn’s Market

Round 3-7 is replaced by a visit to Bilgewater Trader Finn, who will stock either Completed, Artifact, Support, or Radiant items. You can choose one to keep for free!

Slaughter Docks

At the Slaughter Docks, you’ll gain free shop rerolls equal to the stage number plus 1 at the start of each stage! These only last for the round you get them, so star up your units and polish off those comps!

Rat Town

Starting in Stage 2, Lucky Shops can appear randomly at the start of a round once per stage. These shops feature units tailored to your army's active traits.

Ryze, Realm Warp: Bilgewater

In Bilgewater, Ryze creates a portal, summoning a giant treasure chest to fall from the sky on the largest cluster of enemies, dealing magic damage to enemies within two hexes. The size of this chest is increased by the gold you have, so save up to make your foes dead broke.

Each enemy hit has a chance to drop loot and a chance to drop Gold. When the ability kills a foe this chance is higher, because in Bilgewater, that just makes cents.

Region Portals: Ixtal

Take a stroll through the jungles of Ixtal and wind up making new friends along the way, as these Portals are all about interaction (except for Cardinal Arcology).

Serpentine River

This one is funny. Instead of carousel rounds, vote for lobby bonuses (Among Us skills should work on this one). After the voting round, you will get a component anvil too.


Each time players star up 20 units, all players gain increasingly valuable loot. This is great for the rerollers.

Cardinal Arcology

This portal will always provide a Prismatic, Gold, and a Silver Augment, no matter what.

Ryze, Realm Warp: Ixtal

In Ixtal, Ryze covers the ground with a thicket of vines around his current target. After a brief delay, he’ll deal magic damage to enemies within, and knock up enemies in the epicenter of the entanglement. Allies that are wrapped in vines (Barkskin) will gain Armor and Magic Resistance for a short duration.

Region Portals: Freljord

Valar's Hollow

In Valar’s Hollow, you’ll gain an Item Anvil on 2-3 and a Support Anvil on 3-3. Just what is a Support Anvil? Read on to find out!

Item Updates in TFT Set 9.5

Mordekaiser TFT

Zeke's Herald and Zephyr are no longer craftable

A ton of huge quality-of-life changes to the Item system, with these new additions and tweaks to the game will completely shift the way you play with items in Teamfight Tactics... and for the good (You can't really tell though).

These changes will include the addition of 6 new items, 3 adjusted items, a brand new Support Item class, an update to Artifact Items (previously Ornn Forge Items), and much more!

One thing to point out is that this Item Rework is not only exclusive to Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound, on the contrary, this will carry over to the next sets and function as a way to create more satisfaction for players. That will be explained below.

Reasoning on why they change the items

To not drag this out too much, Teamfight Tactics Developers think that Items bring the most satisfying experiences when you get the components that will suit perfectly with your comp. The issue comes when you get components that simply flat out, this not only hurts your average player base but it also creates unfair situations in pro games with the highest stakes.

For that reason, they are making changes to bring more adaptability to the mix, especially when getting components that only bring effects that only will make sense in later stages of the game. Yes, they talked about Zephyr and Zeke's Herald.

Item Categories

Now items will be separated into four different categories.

Core items: The standard, craftable items made from the base components. With the removal of more supportive items, Core items will be providing damage, utility in adaptive stats, and tankyness. Find out about the unique effects when we dig into the new Items.

Radiant Items: Upgraded versions of core items.

Artifact Items: Previous “Ornn Artifact” items; these are uncraftable items. For instance, Eternal Winter is one of them.

Support Items: The new item class containing uncraftable items focused on providing teamwide support and non-selfish outputs. These will include old items such as Shroud of Stillness and Locket of the Iron Solari, but also will contain a plethora of new items to fill in the missing pieces for your team.

All Support items will have a uniform 250 Health, and will be much more powerful than their core item versions.

List of the New Support Items:

  • Aegis of the Legion.
  • Obsidian Cleaver.
  • Needlessly Big Gem.
  • Banshee's Veil.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari.
  • Randuin's Omen.
  • Shroud of Stillness.
  • Chalice of Power.

New Craftable items.

Disclaimer: Most of these numbers are not final.

Adaptive Helm: Tear and Negatron Cloak

Adaptive Helm

  • Mana: 15.
  • MR: 30.

Combat Start: The holder gains bonus stats based on their starting position.

  • Front Two Rows: 15 Ability Power and 25 Armor and Magic Resist.
  • Back Two Rows: 15 Ability Power and gain 15 Mana every 3 seconds.

Adaptive Helm is a flexible item that’s useful on Magic scaling tanks, AP Bruisers, and Champions that just want to go through their spell rotations faster. One new champion that makes use of this particularly well is Miss Fortune, and for tanks, Neeko and Taric.

Nashor’s Tooth: Recurve Bow and Giant’s Belt

Nashor Tooth

  • AP: 30.
  • AS: 10%.
  • Health: 150.
  • After casting a spell, gain 40% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Nashor’s Tooth is an interesting item that has many use cases. Best for champions that can take full advantage of the enhanced Attack Speed time window, Nashor’s Tooth will be an item which has varying effectiveness. It’s best paired with other Mana Regeneration sources that can keep refreshing the Attack Speed buff!

Evenshroud: Negatron Cloak and Giant’s Belt


  • Health: 150.
  • MR: 20.
  • 50% Sunder (Armor reduction) enemies within 2 hexes.
  • For the first 10s of combat, gain 25 Armor and Magic Resist.

While the name is not final on this one, the effects sure are. This item allows your tanks to provide Armor Sunder for your carries. It’s best for frontliners in AD heavy comps, and is even better if you have other ways to keep its wearer alive and actively sundering your foes!

Crownguard: Needlessly Large Rod and Chain Vest


  • AP: 30.
  • AP: 15.
  • Armor: 30.
  • Combat Start: Gain a shield equal to 35% of your maximum health for 8s.
  • When this shield breaks or expires, gain 40 additional Ability Power.

Crownguard isn’t just the featured item that Choncc stole from Gangplank in our mid-set’s key art. It’s also a great item for AP frontliners with large Health pools, or AP carries who’re getting bursted down before they can ramp up. Cronguard works well on champions like Neeko and Mordekaiser.

Sterak’s Gage: BF Sword and Giant’s Belt

Steraks Gage

  • Health: 300.
  • AD: 20%.
  • Once per combat at 50% health, increase max health by 25% and gain 30% AD for the rest of combat.

This item is going to make frontline carries to be even stronger, we are looking to Darius, Nilah and Fiora. One unit that is currently using this item to its fullest is Fiora, especially her radiant version given by the Demacia trait.

Night Harvester: Sparring Gloves and Chain Vest

Night Harvester

  • AP: 25.
  • Armor: 25.
  • Crit Chance: 20%.
  • Deal 15% bonus damage, increased by 15% when below 60% maximum health.

High risk meets high reward. Night Harvester is Jeweled Gauntlet’s best friend as it provides both AP and Critical Strike Chance. The item works best when the wearer can survive a bit of damage and then return the favor. One champion that can benefit from this item is the newly added Mordekaiser, there are playing experimenting still with the item but time will tell

No Longer Craftable Items

All of these items mentioned before are going to replace the more supportive ones as craftable items.

List of items no longer craftable: Zephyr, Zerek's Herald, Locket of the Iron Solari, Shroud of Stillness, Chalice of Harmony, and Zz'rot Portal.

Don't worry, you are going to be able to access these via Support Items.

With the item system massive overhaul and the new units/traits, Horizonbound is going to bring important shakeups to Runeterra Reforged meta. We can expect this Mid-Set to be a heck of a goodbye for Runeterra Reforged!

Oh! Almost forgot the new Little Legends

For more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates, check our News section. You can also check the best guides for your champion, or look up your stats to know what to improve or showoff.

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