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Home // News // League of Legends Champion & Skin Sale: July 8th - July 15th

League of Legends Champion & Skin Sale: July 8th - July 15th

Find out which champions and skins will be on sale for the week between the 8th of July and the 15th of July by scanning our article below!

Current Champion Sale


Tahm Kench




790 RP 434 RP

880 RP 352 RP

880 RP 395 RP

880 RP 484 RP

790 RP 355 RP

Current Skin Sale

Cosmic Matriarch Bel’Veth

Withered Rose Zeri

Nightbringer Lillia

1350 RP 1012 RP

1350 RP 810 RP

1350 RP 675 RP

Cryocore Brand

Nightbringer Aphelios

Special Forces Gangplank

975 RP 438 RP

1350 RP 1012 RP

975 RP 438 RP

Primal Ambush Riven

True Damage Akali

Heavenscale Lee Sin

1350 RP 975 RP

1350 RP 675 RP

1820 RP 1350 RP

General Wukong

Candy King Ivern

Mecha Malphite

750 RP 525 RP

1350 RP 675 RP

1350 RP 540 RP

Dragonmancer Kassadin

High Noon Darius

Blood Moon Yasuo

1350 RP 975  RP

1350 RP 607 RP

975 RP 390 RP

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do League skin sales work?

Each week on Monday at 12 PST, 15 random skins and 5 random champions will go on sale. The amount discounted is also random, some skins can go as far as 60% off, while others only 30% off.

2. How often are skins on sale in League?

Skin sales will occur every single week on Monday.

3. Do Legendary skins and Ultimate skins go on sale?

Legendary skins will go on sale once about six months after they’ve been released. After that, Legendary Skins do not get discounted again. The same applies to Ultimate skins.

4. When will [X] go on sale?

Unfortunately Riot does not publish information on when any particular skin will go on sale. However, you can search up the skin on MOBAFire to see when the skin was last on sale. If a skin was on sale very recently, you can guess that it’ll take several months or even longer to go on sale again. You can add skins to your MOBAFire Wishlist to get notified by e-mail when the skin does go on sale!

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