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Spirit of the Hearth-Home Guide

You still have a few days to experience the Spirit of the Hearth Home mini-game in the client before it goes away for good! Check out our guide below for a rundown of the game, the puzzles, and the rewards that await you!

The Spirit of the Hearth-Home Event

This mini event has been on the homepage of the client since the beginning of Patch 14.11, but if you haven’t done it yet, now’s the perfect time to take a look. It’s likely that the event is going away for good on Wednesday when Patch 14.12 drops. Once it disappears, you won’t be able to collect any of the event rewards, and you’ll miss out on some lore regarding the upcoming Vastayan mage Aurora, and her friendship and backstory with Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain.

The event can be accessed on “The Spirit of the Hearth-Home” tab on the homepage by clicking the “Play” button. You’ll then find yourself in a quaint little point-and-click adventure game, in which you play the part of Aurora, who is seeking Ornn’s help in aiding her companion, Hestrelk.

The point-and-click adventure will have you traversing through Ornn’s home as you tidy up by collecting errant ore, books, and tools. The game is also accompanied with puzzles, music, voice-acting, and two lengthy comics at the beginning and end of your adventure.

Hearth-Home Rewards

You can earn up to four rewards by playing through the entire adventure, including:

  • Hooded Figure Icon - Granted when you meet Ornn

  • Hestrelk Icon - Granted when you play all the musical themes in the Library

  • Hearth Home Icon - Granted when you fully tidy up

  • Note Taken Emote - Granted when you fully tidy up

How to Play

As mentioned before, all you need to do is explore the forge while tidying up and collecting whatever objects you find. If you hover over anything that is interactable, a blue fire will emit from the location. Additionally, if you linger on any given scene, eventually a faint blow glow will emit over something that's interactable.

There are five rooms to explore:

- Main Hall: the starting room; this room leads to the Library on the right, or the Courtyard on the left.

↪ Library: in this room you'll find the Bookshelf Puzzles and the Music Puzzle.

↪ Courtyard: in this room you'll find the entrance to the Workshop and the Smelter.

↪ Workshop: The Workshop Puzzle (or, Tools Puzzle) is in this room.

↪ Smelter: the Smelter Puzzle (or, Ore Puzzle) is in this room.

Smelter Puzzle

To complete the smelter puzzle, you must first find five pieces of ore scattered around the Hearth Home and bring them all here. You then need to weigh each ore against one another until you determine which is lightest and which is heaviest. The solution to the puzzle can be seen in the screenshot below:

Molten Copper > Star-Metal > Shuriman Gold > Silversteel > Dread Iron > Freljordian Frost Ore

Two of the six ore you need can be found in the Smelter room itself - Freljordian Frost Ore is in the coal on the right side of the room, and Star-Metal is in the top left hidden behind a grate. Molten Copper can be found in the Courtyard furnace, and Dread Iron is in the Workshop, hidden under a pile of scrolls.

Workshop Puzzle

You’ll find a place for all of Ornn’s tools in the Workshop, but most of them are missing. Once you’ve collected all nine tools, you can bring them here and place them in the correct slot, according to the shape of each tool. The solution to the puzzle can be seen in the screenshot below:

In the workshop, one tool is hidden in the left corner, and another rests on a small table. In the Courtyard, you can find a tool hidden under some snow. In the Smelter, you'll find a tool in the bottom right corner, and another hidden beneath some papers. The last two are in the Main Hall and in the Library - the one in the latter room is hdiden inside a box under the Ornn bookshelf.

Bookshelf Puzzles

These puzzles may be the most time-consuming, as they require you to not only find a large number of books around the hearth home, but also place them in the correct order, in the correct bookshelves. There are three bookshelves, each dedicated to books of one character - Ornn, Volibear, and Lissandra.

To know which book belongs on which bookshelf, take note of the colour of the book when it’s in your inventory. The red books belong on Ornn’s bookshelf, the turquoise-gold books are Volibear’s, and the blue books belong on Lissandra’s shelf.

The colouring and icon on each of the book types - Ornn, Volibear, Lissandra.

Ornn Bookshelf

The Ornn bookshelf is the first one you'll see on your left side when you enter the Library. First, remove all of the Volibear and Lissandra books from the shelf. Now, you'll need to find four more books to add. One is in the Main Hall, one in the Library on the floor, and you'll find two more on the other bookshelves in the Library. Once you’ve got all eight books, arrange them in the following order:

Volibear Bookshelf

Once you've gotten rid of the non-Volibear books, what you're missing can be found behind the footstool in the library, in the Courtyard on the shelf, and on the Ornn and Lissandra bookshelves in the Library. Once you’ve got all eight books, arrange them in the following order:

Lissandra Bookshelf

Finally, you'll need to find the remaining Lissandra books. One is on the chair in the library, hidden underneath a red blanket, and another in the bottom left corner. One is in the Workshop, above the fireplace. Two can be found on Ornn's and Volibear's shelves, but you should already have those on hand. Once you’ve got all eight books, arrange them in the following order:

Music Puzzle

Now that the forge is all neat and tidy, there’s only one last thing to do in the mini event. Head back to the Library and interact with the instrument in the middle of the room.

The notes you’re looking for are actually inscribed on the books on each bookshelf. By looking at our screenshots above, you’ll be able to punch in the correct symbols and play the themes of Ornn, Volibear, and Lissandra. Since the notes correspond to numbers on your keyboard (1-9), you can also just type in the correct number sequence on your keyboard to play the themes. The number codes are as such:

Ornn: 2625234

Volibear: 6542321 

Lissandra: 26543252

Once you’ve played all three themes, you’ll get your hands on the Hestrelk icon, the final reward from the event. You can still hang out, re-read the comics, or jam out in Ornn’s library, however!

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