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Home // News // MSI 2023: All the details, teams, format, and dates.

MSI 2023: All the details, teams, format, and dates.

The Mid Season Invitational Tournament is only one week away from starting, and a lot of changes were made for this 2023 edition (Format, Rewards, Numbers of Teams).  So better find out all the details and be prepared to enjoy the premier League of Legends Spring Tournament!

The Mid Season Invitational since its inception has always been the go-to event to watch LoL esports in Spring. Gave us historical moments such as G2 winning against T1 (And then losing in Worlds Finals), Team Liquid beating iG, or the RNG domination these past two editions.

For that reason, it's certain that this year's edition should be a banger too, even more with all the changes made for this 2023 edition.

MSI 2023 – More teams going to the Tournament

To start things off, the Mid Season Invitational Tournament in 2023 is going to have 13 teams, and will include one more team from each major region. This means that we are going to have the second seed of LPL, LEC, LCS, and LCK participating in the tournament too.

These will be the teams participating in the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) 2023 Tournament.

  • LPL: JDG Intel Sports Club (1st) and Bilibili Gaming Pingang Bank (2nd) 
  • LCK: GEN.G (1st), and T1 (2nd)
  • LCS: Cloud 9 (1st), and Golden Guardians.(2nd)
  • LEC: MAD Lions (1st), and G2 Esports.(2nd)
  • LLA: Movistar Rainbow 7
  • LJL: Detonation FocusMe 
  • VCS: GAM Esports
  • CBLOL: Loud
  • PCS: PSG Talon 

Also, the representatives are going to be playing in an exciting new format that will make each match an important one. Especially ones in the lower bracket...

Mid Season Invitational Tournament (MSI) 2023 – Format Changes

Announced back in January in the State of the Game: LoL Esports 2023 blog, the entry shared changes for the competitive formats in all events: Kick-Off, MSI, and Worlds 2023.

For starters in the MSI 2023 changes, there will be no Group Stage in Play-Ins. Instead, they moved into a Double-Elimination Bracket featuring the first seed of LLA, CBLOL, LJL, PCS, VCS and the second seeds from the LPL, LCS and LEC. The matches will be Best-of-Three and there will be three spots available to qualify for the Bracket Stage.

These spots will be granted to both winners of groups A and B in the upper bracket, and the last one is going to be disputed by both the winners of the lower bracket. To get the last spot both teams will play a Last Chance Qualifying Best-of-Five Match.

MSI 2023 Play-Ins Bracket

MSI 2023 Play-Ins Bracket

On the Bracket Stage, these phase will see eight teams face off in a double elimination, best-of-five bracket. This will include the three winners of Play-Ins, along with the first seeds of LEC, LCS, LPL, and both seeds from LCK (Granted for winning last World Championship).  

As for Play-Ins draws, LEC did it already just after the Finals between MAD Lions and Team BDS. Getting helped by Rekkles (Fnatic ADC), the groups for Play-Ins are ready. The Bracket Stage draw will be done after Play-Ins stage is finished. 

MSI 2023 Location and Schedule

This year Mid Season Invitational Tournament will be hosted in London, United Kingdom. And it will take place in the Copper Box Arena in London, so if you are close you wouldn’t want to miss out on the games. 

Copper Box Arena MSI

MSI will be held entirely in the Copper Box Arena.

Now on their schedule. MSI 2023 will be starting  with Play ins. 

List of dates


  • Tuesday. May 2 (5am PDT/ 8am EDT/ 1pm BST)
  • Wednesday, May 3  (5am PDT/ 8am EDT/ 1pm BST)
  • Thursday, May 4 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Friday, May 5 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Saturday, May 6 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Sunday, May 7 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)

MSI 2023 Play-Ins Schedule

Play-Ins Schedule for MSI 2023

Bracket Stage

1st Week

  • Tuesday, May 9 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Wednesday, May 10 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Thursday, May 11 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Friday, May 12 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Saturday, May 13 (4am PST / 7am EDT / 12pm BST)
  • Sunday, May 14 (4am PST / 7am EDT / 12pm BST)

2nd Week

  • Tuesday, May 16 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Wednesday, May 17 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Thursday, May 18 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Friday, May 19 (5am PDT / 8am EDT /1pm BST)
  • Saturday, May 20 (4am PST / 7am EDT / 12pm BST)

Something worth to notice is that in the past two MSIs one team dominated the competition, and that was RNG. Despite not being present this, one player it is participating... and that’s Bin from BLG. Will Bin win another MSI and keep the chinese domination of MSI? That is going to be put on test.

For more information on MSI and LoL/TFT related news check our MOBAFire news section. And if you are excited already, join our Discord to enjoy with like-minded people on the esport fever ahead of MSI 2023.

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