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Home // News // TWO Hacker comps you want to TRY! - TFT Patch 13.9

TWO Hacker comps you want to TRY! - TFT Patch 13.9

These comps are great against many of the strongest meta comps in TFT Patch 13.9, like, for instance Spellslinger Oxforce with Neeko and Twisted Fate. Learn how to beat them with this new "hack".

When the mid-set Glitched Out started in TFT patch 13.7, there was a trait that dominated and made useless most of the comps, and that was Hacker. So It didn’t catch people off guard when patch 13.8 gave massive nerfs to the trait, and some of its strongest units.

However, TFT patch 13.9 changed things and now TWO hacker comps are gaining steam. Both of these comps are very viable to play, even broken in the right situations, find out which are those to start tapping backlines again (and make people rage).

Ezreal Hacker – Slow Reroll - TFT Patch 13.9

The first one is Ezreal Hacker. A few days ago “LeDuck”, a TFT youtuber, released a video talking about an Ezreal weird bug interaction that allowed him to use another cast of its ability.

In order for this to work, Ezreal needs to be in Melee range and kill a unit before JUST finishing his cast ability (Watch the video to understand it better). If the condition is met, Ezreal will cast his ability again immediately and deal an absurd amount of burst if he's three-star.

Once players started to use (abuse) this interaction, they started to innovate ways to use it to its fullest, that's when the Hacker trait began to be used with Ezreal, and well... it's very OP. 

How to use Ezreal Hacker?

First of all, this is a slow roll comp. At level six you want to save economy and slow roll until you get your three-star units: Ezreal and Pyke.

You want to use the Hacker trait once you get your Ezreal at two-star, until then you can play with quick draw, heist, or any strong board to be stable. 

In some instances, you would want to be on a losing streak to save up gold for 3-2 and look for your Ezreal.

For your Ezreal’s itemization, you want to get a Mana item (Blue Buff preferred), Jeweled Gauntlet, and a healing/damage item like Hextech Gunblade or Rabaddon Deathcap. In the case of Pyke, it can be more freeflow, tank, and bruiser items are good options.

Hacker Ezreal TFT 13.9b

Hacker Ezreal Comp

When do you want to force this comp? If you get good Ezreal items, find a Hacker emblem or even a carry Ezreal augment. 

TIPS: Place Ezreal in a way so he fights backline carries in Melee range (To ensure the proc). You want items that give a lot of burst. Position your frontline in the first row, do this to force tanks to move forward.

Expect Ezreal to "steal" some games in the upcoming World Championship. For more in-depth information, check LeDuck's Hacker Ezreal guide.

Camille Hacker - TFT Patch 13.9

After massive buffs in TFT Patch 13.9, Camille is stronger as ever and one of the most low-key broken variants to play her it’s Hacker.

Unlike Ezreal that has more a stable path to play for, Camille needs two conditions necessary to have success.

  • 1. Good ADMIN effects like Attack Damage scaling or any type of HP increase along with a good hero augment like Camille’s Adaptive Defenses and Pyke's Your Cut.
  • 2. A Hacker emblem, or play with Riftwalker to have an extra hacker. It is mandatory for the increased Omnivamp, this will make Camille way more durable.

If you don’t meet these conditions, pivoting to a Jhin may be your best bet.

Hacker Camille 13.9b

Hacker Camille Comp

How to use Camille Hacker?

Camille is a slow roll comp, you want to three-star your primary two carries: Camille and Pyke. Much like Ezreal, you want to take advantage of good positioning in boards so scouting is a must.

In the early game you want to play strong boards, the ideal ones are with Renegades but any board that allows you to survive is a good one.

Good items for Camille are good strong attack damage items such as Infinity Edge or Deathblade. A form of healing or survivability like Edge of Night/Bloodthirster, and Last Whisper to kill tanks.

To learn more about how to play Camille Hacker here's an in-depth video

Do you rather play the well-known strongest comps? Then check our TFT Comps Tier list on MOBAFire, so you play the ones that are dominating in Patch 13.9b.

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