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Home // News // What we know about Milio, The Gentle Flame - the New LoL Champion

What we know about Milio, The Gentle Flame - the New LoL Champion

After going dark for almost two months, Riot have finally revealed more info about the new LoL champion Milio, and it was a heck load of information. So to not get too overwhelmed, you can read our article to learn about his abilities, concept art, music theme, lore, and his release date.

Clearly inspired by art from the Disney movie "Encanto", the long-awaited new LoL champion Milio is finally here to charm us with his soothing flames and cheerful personality.

Who is Milio, the new LoL Champion?

Milio, the Gentle Flame, is a 12 year old boy from a remote town on Ixtal, where being there for each other is the most important thing. As inspired by Latin America roots, Milio was raised with strong traditional family values, something that can be seen in his short stories.

Millio Concept Art

Unlike Qiyana, who is from the Yun Tal (The reigning caste), and with a complete selfish and resentful personality, Milio is quite the opposite (even to extremes). The young fire axiom master has an innocent and curious mindset that makes him have this quite cheerful outlook in life, where everything seems like a friend.

Despite no discipline in learning, his intuitive and innate talent allowed him to come up with a new brand axiom "Soothing Flames", something unheard of from the old teachings.

There is a ton of information regarding his story that post could not encapsulate. We will talk a little more about it later.

Milio Super Reports 

How is Milio going to be played?

Milio is going to be a enchanter support. So like all enchanters (e.g Sona, Soraka, Yuumi) you must play him to help out your teammates while staying alive as long as you can.

What sets Milio apart from other enchanters are his buffs to give more Autoattack range in his Cozy Camp Fire (W), and his Breath of Fire (Ultimate) that allows him to cleanse allies from CC in a big AoE range.

One thing to point out about his kit, although it seems very simplistic, is that it combines the best of most enchanters in one tiny champion. For that reason, Riot have already commented on his balance, like every enchanter he is going to be very squishy, but they reassured us that in late game he becomes a utility monster similar to Sona.

What will Milio's abilities look like?

Milio's abilities will revolve around the use of his fuemigos. As the sole possesor of the title "The boy with the soothing flames", Milio's flame fellas provide utility in all of his skills with maybe the exception of his Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q), but you can argue that it still provides CC with knockbacks and slows.

On how they will look in game, well... fuemigos are a bit all over the place. To learn more about his abilities you can check the official rundown.

Fuemigos Concept

Milio Champion Trailer

Just two days ago, Riot released Milio's champion trailer and it was a huge success, in the trailer you can check out Milio's personality (talking alone to his flames), and also have a more in-depth look at his gameplay. Regarding the fan reception, a lot of people are looking forward to playing the Gentle flame.

Milio's Inspiration - Theme, and more Lore.

As stated in Riot Champion Insight Blog, Milio's Champion theme was inspired by Latin American roots, with an immense focus on traditional instruments and some uncommon ones. His Champion theme features renown artists such as Pedro Eustache, aka the Flute guy from the Game Awards.

To follow up on Milio's history, first of all, he comes from a generation of Axiom Masters, both of his grandmothers were part of the Yun Tal, Luné with a mastery of the Fire Axiom and Lupé of Earth's. After an incident where Luné was found to be against the Yun Tal, Lupé was exiled to the borders of Ixtal, while Luné remained imprisoned in the depths of Ixaocan. Milio's trip is also a quest for redemption to clear the name of his family (although he doesn't know that).

Vidalion and the Yun Tal

How will Milio's story develop? It's still a mystery, but the release of the Gentle flame marks a second approach to Ixtal characters (After Qiyana) to let fans learn more about this unexplored region in the shoes of this new LoL champion.

When you will be able to play Milio, the new LoL Champion?

No official date is announced for the release of Milio. Although taking into account how much information was disclosed in recent days, and Milio's release on PBE, expect him to come in patch 13.6 planned to go live on March 22.

Expect the Milio Champion Page soon to learn from our community pros the best ways to effectively play the new LoL Champion in our Mobafire guides.

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