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Janna Skins: Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna Landscape Skin

Forecast Janna

Release: September 5, 2013

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Last Sale: Never

Janna Skins

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Jovy (925) | January 21, 2014 5:29pm
I'd get it if the VO wasn't so annyoing :/
MyBloodisBlack (31) | January 21, 2014 5:27pm
Gotta agree and I love how she interacts with things, I brought her today and my friend was playing Shyvana and as they came to gank she blurted "High chance of Dragons approaching"...whether this was meant or not I don't know but was still fantastic to me :D
Mowen (609) | September 5, 2013 5:44pm
She does the dance from "Singing in the Rain," so classy! The cloud that follows her around is super cute as well, and the taunt is great. 10/10! :D
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