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Z3Sleeper's League of Legends Tier List

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ARURF 2019 Tier List Patch 9.6

Z3Sleeper's Tier List Z3Sleeper's Tier List
Last updated on March 31, 2019
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Almost every champion's most viable runes are Dark Harvest/Hail of Blades, Ravenous Hunter, Transcendence and Gathering Storm. If you aren't taking these you might as well be inting. Unless otherwise specified, this is your rune setup for everyone (if they auto alot, Hail of Blades, if not, Dark Harvest).

All champs are listed in order within each tier.

If you find some wonky build that just works for any of the lower tiers, lemme know so I can see for myself and update this.

Edit: Many of the ADC's or other champions that build crit have had their URF performance drastically altered in some cases. Updating their placement is a WIP.

Completely broken

Noone is home


God picks

Indisputably the best picks in URF


Powerful Picks

Extremely strong but not quite as strong as the God Tier


Solid Picks

All strong in their own right but have to play safer than the above tier


Decent picks

Still strong in favorable situations but lack versatility


barely not bottom tier

You can definitely still do well on these but you're handicapping yourself


These "can" work

But they're not recommended


You're actually trolling

Literally sacks of gold