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EgeLily's Mid-Lane Tier List with Descriptions. Patch 10.14

EgeLily's Tier List EgeLily's Tier List
Last updated on July 10, 2020
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Latest Changes:

Re-added Kog'Maw.
Zed got buffed but still deserves S Tier.
Added Karthus.
Kassadin moved to S+ Tier.


These champions are broken with practice.



These champions are amazing with practice.



These champions are good after a lot of practice or just good.



These champions are weak even if you practice a lot. (or just not that good)



These champions are not good for climbing.

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Anon-mous | May 24, 2020 10:49am
Hey there, I love the tier list, wanted to ask if you could add Karthus to the list?
lemonbellflower (21) | May 15, 2020 10:42am
Hey, now, I play mid-Morgana from time to time ;D But, yeah, ever since I got Ekko and really started playing around with him, I have admittedly reduced my Morg to a support champ. You really can't kill him past 6 and I love it. I will agree that I wouldn't put him top tier, for sure, but I think his placement is perfect. And oof, I wish Riot would care about Annie. She deserves more. When I started playing she was one of The midlaners to choose, and I wish we'd see her back in her glory where she belongs. She can still be a pretty good champ depending on where you're playing and how you build her, but compared to an Ekko or Katarina, she's as good as gone.
PrimeRex2256 | March 26, 2020 4:06am
I dont main azir but I feel like once you learn azir and play him alot he becomes really good just not for solo queue. Not sure why you put him under a waste of time learning as he is bad anyway.EDIT: Faker plays him sometimes and usually dominates his lane aswell.

Comment has been deleted

EgeLily | March 26, 2020 7:05am
Thanks for your comment! I put Azir, Irelia and Aurelion Sol at Tier 3. They are hard to play so they should be Tier 3 in my opinion. You have to master them to make them good champions.
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