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EgeLily's Mid-Lane Tier List with Descriptions. Patch 10.13

EgeLily's Tier List EgeLily's Tier List
Last updated on June 24, 2020
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6 Votes


Latest Changes:

Deleted Kog'Maw because I'm not sure.
Syndra is lower in her tier because of the nerfs. (Could be lower)


These champions are broken with practice.



These champions are amazing with practice.



These champions are good after a lot of practice or just good.



These champions are weak even if you practice a lot. (or just not that good)



These champions are not good for climbing.

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Anon-mous | May 24, 2020 10:49am
Hey there, I love the tier list, wanted to ask if you could add Karthus to the list?
lemonbellflower (20) | May 15, 2020 10:42am
Hey, now, I play mid-Morgana from time to time ;D But, yeah, ever since I got Ekko and really started playing around with him, I have admittedly reduced my Morg to a support champ. You really can't kill him past 6 and I love it. I will agree that I wouldn't put him top tier, for sure, but I think his placement is perfect. And oof, I wish Riot would care about Annie. She deserves more. When I started playing she was one of The midlaners to choose, and I wish we'd see her back in her glory where she belongs. She can still be a pretty good champ depending on where you're playing and how you build her, but compared to an Ekko or Katarina, she's as good as gone.
PrimeRex2256 | March 26, 2020 4:06am
I dont main azir but I feel like once you learn azir and play him alot he becomes really good just not for solo queue. Not sure why you put him under a waste of time learning as he is bad anyway.EDIT: Faker plays him sometimes and usually dominates his lane aswell.

Comment has been deleted

EgeLily | March 26, 2020 7:05am
Thanks for your comment! I put Azir, Irelia and Aurelion Sol at Tier 3. They are hard to play so they should be Tier 3 in my opinion. You have to master them to make them good champions.
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