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ObjectivelyCorrectOpinion's Tier List Patch 12.23

ObjectivelyCorrectOpinion's Tier List ObjectivelyCorrectOpinion's Tier List
Last updated on January 3, 2023
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All of my opinions about champ rankings are correct and if you disagree you're just a 1 trick who's salty that they're hardstuck while playing only 1 broken champ. Haters in tears.


best champ in the game


braindead 201 years

All the 1 tricks are butthurt about these (looking at you kayn players)


Support mains are godawful bad at the game (this i

Support is the easiest role with the worst players (if you get mad you're a support main) (or an e-girl)


broken but bad compared to 201 years of collective

200 years isn't enough anymore


please for the love of god make him ranged

me looking at lillia getting classified as melee but not urgot



forgot he was in the game


adc kekw

bot lane mains are in shambles when they're 4-0 and the 0-3 toplaner comes down and 3 hits them (it's a skill issue)

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