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Patch 12.9 Support Tier list Patch 12.8

Terroronyou's Tier List Terroronyou's Tier List
Last updated on May 10, 2022
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This tier list is of my OWN opinion and is only worth its weight depending if you respect my opinion (the same with anyone else tier list / guides).

I will not be taking questions, this is just used to help create Tier lists for / .


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tier 2

These champions are very good in solo queue and should always be taken in consideration. 


Tier 3

These champions are only decent if you are very skilled with the champion, otherwise you will fall behind much easier than the above tiers


Tier 4

You are hindering your elo if you play these champions



These Champions are the best in High ELO currently

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TheImmortalEye (15) | February 15, 2022 1:30am
Neeko will be substantially buffed soon ( w cd is big for the sup maxing it second)
q afterdamage base dmg is increased, and her hitbox is smaller making it easier to dodge hooks.
i know youre not a fan of offmeta strats, but u might wanna take a look at her performance next patch ( doglightning also a good mention here)
especially since lux is here still in tier 2, despite the dropoff at all ranks , neeko is basicly the same but shorter root and no shield but cc ult.
DrSheriff | December 8, 2021 12:46pm
what places maokai so low
Maximus_Not_Live | December 8, 2021 2:04pm
I personally like maokai but, I think it's due to the fact that he has a pretty bad early game. But that aside, he has a good engage root and tankyness survive throughout teamfights. Also, His ult is pretty amazing but I guess it's because there is better early game/late game hybrid picks that are better.
aghast (1) | October 21, 2021 4:48am
Why are thresh, swain, maokai, taric, rell, pyke, or even bard in tier 4. I would say they should be tier 3 as well, if you are good with them, they decide the game in low elo for sure. Also would move some of the champions from tier 5 up there. On even games they are pretty poor indeed, but shaco for example can cause so much chaos for not only enemy botlane but also for jungler so if you can abuse it in low elo, it can easily be in S tier for the certain player.
Terroronyou (8) | November 2, 2021 2:41am
"Why are thresh, swain, maokai, taric, rell, pyke, or even bard in tier 4" Unless you are High plat + you will not get the most out of those champions.

They are either too hard for most players and/or your team will not follow up in the best manner. Including the fact that some of the ones you listed are just out-right weak.
TheImmortalEye (15) | November 2, 2021 4:20am
but swain is literally known to only be good in low elo as his kit falls off heavily at dia plus, i do respect ur opinion but some off these are baffling and just sort of mean to some champs that just arent popular

take senna as example u put her extremely high but usually in low elo it just results in 2 adcs not warding and being demolished by a kayn or other hyperdamage jungler. Karma had historicly had a ban winrate below gold as her ult is hard to make use for inexpierenced players, while champs like neeko and pantheon usually do better as not many know how to counter them low elo.
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Karinutsa (12) | September 21, 2021 3:46am
Overall nice thought. I would propose moving Neeko up to Tier 3. Her E and Q combo does a lot of damage and she is so easy to play. :)
MichelleYu31 (3) | September 23, 2021 5:21pm
I love using her, so it is a yes from me.
woolly26 (2) | September 20, 2021 12:14pm
IIGoTII (3) | June 15, 2021 12:42pm
Ashe support is meta , slows - global 3 sec stun every 30 sec - vision (alot) and any build works on her .
Sett support is always an s+ tier for me , he's just good .

Comment has been deleted

MichelleYu31 (3) | September 23, 2021 5:23pm
My dad uses Viego.
He can kill 27 champs in beginner!
knif (3) | May 30, 2021 9:28pm
I gotta agree with your list for this patch more than most of the others! I'm super glad Zyra's in a good spot now, she definitely feels better than she did a couple of patches ago.
Grifynn (2) | May 26, 2021 4:24am
Though I agree with the Plat+ section because of the champs really aligning with that, I think Blitz should swap places with Sona. Zoe support is also weirdly viable if you're skilled with her. Though I hate Kench as a pick, he's also disgusting in bot lane as a support to swallow whenever cc happens. I also feel like the wording should be changed a bit when it comes to where Rakan is placed; Rakan-Xayah is one of the best bot duos when it comes to mobility, so he's able to set up plays much better than some other supports can, even without being paired with Xayah (though preferred).
TheImmortalEye (15) | May 10, 2021 8:43am
finally neeko isnt in do not play... she never deserved to be there neeko is best decision XD
Reda_13 (7) | February 2, 2021 4:43pm
Don't you think Lulu should be placed one tier higher? My reasoning is that she can give her AD carry good healing if she uses her E on them after purchasing Moonstone Renewer, since Moonstone Renewer is a busted item at the moment.
EvoNinja7 (18) | January 6, 2021 3:34am
But teemo support is the most terrifying thing I've ever come across
TheInkKingLoL (43) | October 15, 2020 8:29pm
I know this tier list is personal preference but...
Honestly, I feel like you're completely underwhelming the power of supports like Veigar, Neeko, and Shaco.
I also feel like these are focused on a specific elo, though I don't know what it is.
Well done on the tier list!
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