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Majestueux's League of Legends Tier List

Welcome to Majestueux's Tier List. This list is 100% controlled by Majestueux. Feel free to comment on or rate it. Or if you want to show your expertise Create a Tier List of your own.

Support Types / Categories for Picking and Counter-picking  Patch 9.12

Majestueux's Tier List Majestueux's Tier List
Last updated on June 17, 2019
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Just a support main's attempt at organizing the types of supports and trying to get good at filling out team compositions and counter picking. Version 2.0 (Currently being updated) with each category narrowed down to the champions you go to for the above qualities.

Organized left to right, strong to weak.

Each support is organized into each category they have minor strengths in. A champion with multiple talents may be lower down in multiple categories, but thus being strong overall (like Lulu). However, I no longer include champions that technically fit the category without it being at all a strength (like Poppy in poke.)

I've also taken out the off meta supports (the ones that could almost always be replaced by another champion and be more effective in every area) for the moment to try and declutter the list.

Feel free to let me know where I've left champions out or where you disagree!

Thanks for reading!


Whittling down (or chunking down) the enemy. 



Made to peel off engagers.



Made to mitigate damage or negate it entirely. Anti-poke rather than anti-engage peel. 



Finding the right time to engage, then going All-In. 



Has CC capabilities that don't require going All-In. Prevents enemy escape.



Sustaining them and their ADC through poke, often trying to go even in lane and shine later in the game. 



Tries to go even in lane, scales well late game with either more levels or gold. Or, a hero that is placed in the support role to survive until their ultimate late-game usefulness. The anti-supports, if you will. 


Censer Users

When you have an AD champion other than your ADC, it can be very helpful  to have a good ardent censer user. If you've got two others, it's a really good idea. Not great against armor heavy team, but you also force them more into armor-heavy items.


Blind Picks

For one reason or another, these champions function well without knowing what they're headed into, and it's highly suggested to have one in your arsenal when you don't know the enemy composition.