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yellowcurse's Support Tier List Patch 7.22

yellowcurse's Tier List yellowcurse's Tier List
Last updated on November 17, 2017
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This is a support tier list for gold/plat solo queue. Based mostly on stats as well as my opinions. Keep in mind that if you main a champion, even if it's in a lower tier, it's still worth playing something you're experienced on rather than a "strong" pick that you're not experienced on.

My main lane is support and this are my picks in season 7 and now in the preseason 8 . They work at bronz, silver, gold and plat for me.

God's of bot lane 

This are the champions you can see almost all games in this 4 elo's like picks or bans. They are strong in all game phase's .And if your adc is not good and you lose BOT lane you can roam and feed your mid laner or top or both of them .


titan's of bot lane

This are champions that appear in some games and they are again really strong but not in all phase's . Some of them are better in early and mid game other in mid and late game and they dont have good roam like the GOD'S OF BOT LANE . But if you main them you can again win your games easy.


only human's 

This are the champions you almost cant see in bronz, silver and gold but and they work only if you play with friend duo bot or your really good with them.


Random support appear

No words !!!!!

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