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Janna Champion Spotlight! Report Report


Janna Champion Spotlight!

Created By Sawy
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Hi and welcome to another champion spotlight - today we will be hosting: Janna, the storms fury.
Phreak is not here today so a TTS (Text to speech) voice had to step in and try to do the job.

This is a fan made version of a champion spotlight and it's created by me, Sawy. I hope you can enjoy it even though my video editing skill is somewhat horrible and that i was forced to use a TTS commentary.

Some minor program info etc:
I recorded most of the voice files with Audacity.
Most of the video recordings were made by Fraps.
The overall editing was made in Sony Vegas.
The background music is the draft mode song.
I play on EuW and most of the gameplay were recorded in ranked around 1750 ELO.

Like and subscibe if you enjoyed the video and want more like this.
And if you want to give me a lil more support please bump my forum threads!


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