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League of Legends: Skarner Review and Guide Report Report


League of Legends: Skarner Review and Guide

Created By MMOBomb
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In Episode 7 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at the scorpion jungler, Skarner!

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Madolinn | April 20, 2012 2:25pm
Hm. I don't like how no one recognizes Skarner as a Carry or that he can do and AS build. As for Wriggles, I always use Wriggles when I jungle.

Since I do an AS build, Wriggles is crazy good. I can take down everything in a few seconds because of the frequent procs.

Sheen, I don't even use anymore. You can replace Sheen with a more damage outputting item. Being able to stay on top of the Champ due to his Q Spam Slow, Sheen also is less useful. Because you can consistently hit the champ, and not burst (Such as Poppy for example, Charge + Q + Sheen is a big burst, and she needs it).

Tank Skarners are just... Odd to me. They really aren't so big and tough. When building tanky you miss out on taking advantage of his other utilities. Say (I do not do this, but I find it viable) you build an AP Skarner. Although you have less damage mitigation, your shield packs on more, almost balancing the lack of A/MR loss.

AS Skarner takes advantage of all of these things. High AS takes especially advantage of his passive, reducing CDs by .5/1 second on a hit. Since you're jungling, creeps will be plentiful for you to hit and get your Impale off CD as quick as you can. Thus, you can gank quicker and nearly secure a kill each time. In addition to Impale, if you stick on a champ your Shield with also be off CD quicker. Being able to keep your shield up nearly 100% of the time is just as good, if not better (if you're lucky), to having more damage mitigation or a bigger shield.

Just my two cents, wish more people would recognize AS Skarner as being a viable build.
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