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NEW Teleport Colours + Minimap Animations/Icons + Pickpocket "Aura" [PBE] [Full HD] Report Report


NEW Teleport Colours + Minimap Animations/Icons + Pickpocket "Aura" [PBE] [Full HD]

Created By TheLegendaryTM
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New GREEN + RED Teleport ! Minimap Recall ! Ward Icons !

On the PBE there are two new colours for Teleport as well as new animation on the minimap if you or an enemy uses teleport, a new recall animaion on the minimap and new small icons for placed wards on the minimap.

Your Team: Green (Colourblind: blue) + Minimap animation
Enemy Team: Red (Colourblind: orange) + Minimap animation

Recall on minimap: Your team blue, enemy team red...

Pickpocket mastery is now shown as a temporary aura which shows the cooldown and total gold earned.

All on PBE, changes may occur...


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