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TankerDinger(Full tank Heimerdinger) Support Preseason 6. Report Report


TankerDinger(Full tank Heimerdinger) Support Preseason 6.

Created By CyrosGold
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This is my current revamp for my full tank Heimerdinger Support I call TankerDinger.
It focuses on Health and Health Regen which exceeds 700% of Heimer's ridiculously high base regen. It also sports some good resists in the mid-late game.
Your passive basically makes your lane a sustain lane from the amount of regen you give your lane partner.
The skill of note for this build is the grenades(E) for the stun, and the ult used to enhance them for the bouncing stun grenade of "We win the team fight" goodness.
Otherwise the turrets are mostly as a ward supplement and saved for fights to add damage and block skill shots, or set up a defensive back line.
This build allows you to body block for your team so you can take the poke and quickly recover. Even surviving a full engage to allow your team to counter engage.
You don't have a ton of damage in the late game, but during fights your turret's damage will add up, and your rockets are decent poke vs squishies.

The Build:
I start with a Rejuvenation bead instead of Pots due to my already high regen thanks to Heimer's base, and the runes/masteries I have for him so that in lane he has around 6hp/sec at level 1.
I rush sightstone, basic boots, and the medalion, then finish the Eye of the oasis for that 150% hp/mana regen and more gold. Next rush a Raptor cloak for another 125% hp regen and 40 armor, plus the point runner passive that is just gravy. At level 10 with the Eye I and a raptor cloak I had 24.4 hp/sec regen.
Next is the big boost in the form of the Spirit visage(Puts you up to 45 hp/sec at level 12) followed by Warmogs(70hp/sec at level 15) then finishing out with a Zz'rot portal and an ohmwrecker just to round out your resists.
Mind you the Ohmwrecker is set as the last item in my build with the space typically reserved for a pink ward till I have the gold to buy it out right, By all means substitute this for any situational item you like.

Here's a link to this matches stats including my build with runes/masteries.:

I went 1/5/24 this game.

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