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League of Legends Howling Abyss

Howling Abyss

The Howling Abyss is a Field of Justice specifically designed for the ARAM game mode. It has replaced the Proving Grounds in the custom and tutorial versions.

The map is a bottomless crevasse located in the coldest, cruelest, part of the Freljord. Legends say that, long ago, a great battle took place here on the narrow bridge spanning this chasm. No one remembers who fought here, or why, but it is said that if you listen carefully to the wind you can still hear the cries of the vanquished tossed howling into the Abyss.

On the map itself, it is impossible to recall. You automatically start with a "Poro-Snax" in your inventory where your trinket should be. When close to the magical creatures called "Poro's", it can be clicked on to feed it to the creature, growing larger with every Poro-snax.

The gamemode itself has a number of unique features. The gamemode randomly chooses a champion for you, but it can be swapped for another random champion upon gathering enough points for a reroll. You can save for up to two rerolls.
You will have the option of using two unique summoner spells, "Mark" and "Dash", inspired by the "Legend of the Poro King" featured game mode.
There's also three unique items to be found: Guardian's Horn, Orb of Winter and of course Poro-Snax. Certain items of The Crystal Scar have also been enabled, while some of the Summoner's Rift ones have been disabled.

Howling Abyss Specifics

The list below is things that you can/can't do and little tips.

  • When first spawned you start at a level 3 and you have 1375 gold to spend in the shop.
  • Recalling is disabled
  • Once you leave the platform,you can't shop again until you die.
  • Respawn times are reduced
  • Returning to the fountain does not regenerate health nor mana.
  • The only way you can heal and retain mana is either buying health/mana potions, ,having a support on your team,or running into the Health Relics. These spawn at 3:10
  • There aren't any monsters to kill to obtain buffs.
  • Poros are cute little monsters that you can feed a Poro-Snax. You should pay attention to these little guys because if they are standing outside the bush this is a sign that the an enemy is in there.

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