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League of Legends Caster Minion


Caster minions are units that are ranged confined to the lanes of any given map unless provoked to chase a champion off its regular pathing. Caster minions attack enemies from a range by firing bolts of energy that are the same color as their teams. Three spawn each wave. They have less health than any other lane minion, but deal more damage than Melee Minion s. They become more sturdy and powerful as the game goes on, however during mid/late game they are considered farm rather than pushing tools.


Health: 280 (+15 / 3 min)
Attack Damage: 23 (+2 / 3 min)
Armor: 0 (+1.25 / 3 min)
Magic Resistance: 0 (+2 / 3 min)
Attack Speed: 0.670 attacks per second.

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