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League of Legends Guide Browsing and Signatures - MOBAFire How To Series

Guide Browsing and Signatures - MOBAFire How To Series

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Last we left off we had just set up our profile. Now I'd like to fill my empty Activity Log. Well, I came here to learn about LoL, so let's check out the guides by clicking on the "Builds & Guides" tab.

Apparently when I click on this tab the default settings are for the newest guides for every champion. However, I'd really like to read a guide on Janna. I just click on the dropdown list that currently says "Any Champion" and instead select Janna. I also have to hit the "Filter" button for these changes to take effect.

Now that we're seeing only Janna guides let's check a guide out. I'll look at this "Supporting Sorceress" guide since it has a pretty high rating. I just have to click on the name to view it.

At the top of the guide we can see the build, including: stats, summoner spells, runes, items, and if you scroll down a little more you can also see the masteries. In the top left you can see the guide's statistics such as the writer and the comment count, and located in the top right is the guide's score and up/down vote buttons.

After scrolling down a bit I've found the guide's Table of Contents. I'm particularly interested in the guide writer's mastery choices so I'll click on the chapter labelled "Masteries."

So here we are at the mastery section of this guide. I'll read up on why the writer takes these masteries and hopefully learn a little from it. However, I don't know what some of these masteries are...

Oh my goodness! When I mouse over the yellow text a box pops up explaining what the mastery is. That is super awesome! Now I will have no problem understanding the writer's explanations.

Now that I've read through the guide I feel comfortable casting a vote on it. I quite liked this guide so I think I'll give it an upvote. I just have to click the green button with the up arrow under the guide's score.

Voila! My vote has been cast. I know it went through because this confirmation pop-up said so, even if the score doesn't change right away. Although, I feel like I should tell the guide writer why I upvoted instead of just remaining anonymous. Let's click on the "Guide Discussion" tab to leave a comment on this guide.

Now I can see other comments people have left, but I don't see anywhere for me to leave a comment! Let's scroll down and see if we can find anything.

Ah, there it is! At the bottom of the page there is a place for me to leave a comment. I'll just type my comment in this input box and hit the "Post Reply" button.

After I've hit the Post Reply button I am taken to the last page of comments, and my comment has successfully appeared. Wonderful! Although, the person who wrote a comment above me has a nifty picture at the end of her comment, and they're totally showing me up. I want that!

Now I want to go back to my profile, and see if I can get one of those pretty signatures at the end of my comment. If I click my name in my comment it will take my to my profile, much easier than going to the top of the page if you're reading your comment. I mean who wants to drag their mouse all the way up there?

Now that I'm at my profile page I can see I finally have something in my activity log! Looks like other users can track my comments from here, and they can see how I'm being a good mobafire citizen and participating in my civic duties. However, I don't see anywhere to put a signature on this page. Let's go back to my "Edit Profile" page. If you don't remember how to do that you can read up on it here.

Now that I'm back in my Edit Profile page I just have to click the "Signature" tab to edit my signature.

Looks like I just have to put the code for an image in here to use it in my signature, but first I need to get a picture!

Luckily my friend made me a signature with Twisted Fate on it. He uploaded it to imgur and linked it to me. Isn't it pretty? :D It also has the name of my hero, Mowen, on it.

Now I just have to get the image url so I can put it in my signature. I'll make extra sure I have the right url by right clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Image Url."

Next I just have to hit the icon of the photo in this input box in order to get the code to put an image in.

I'll just ctrl+v to paste the image url into this input box, and hit "OK."

Excellent! My code for my signature is in place and now I just have to hit the "Update" button.

Now that I have my signature in place let's show it off by posting on another guide. Oh my goodness! Instead of clicking on the "Builds & Guides" tab if I mouseover it I get all these nifty options!

I think I'll check out the top Twisted Fate guide; seems appropriate since I've just starting using a Twisted Fate signature.

Now I've been brought to this page, which is a lot prettier and organizes the guides by score. And... OH MY GOODNESS! My hero Mowen wrote a guide on Twisted Fate!!! I have to check this out. As with the other page I just click on the name of the guide to view it.

I'm going to go straight to leaving a comment since I simply cannot contain my excitement. Who is this Toshabi character? He seems quite silly and jealous of Mowen's mad skills.

My new signature is showing up, yay! Now my comments look much more respectable (and pretty). I'd really like to check out some more guide search options, but I think I will leave that for another day. :)

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jhoijhoi (2051) | March 13, 2015 10:48pm
lol, blast from the past.
Sirnikolai (2) | March 13, 2015 10:38pm
So wrong for Firefox users, signature not working.
TakaGreece | February 18, 2015 4:43pm
thank you ^^
FinalZangetsu | June 29, 2013 1:50am
Thanks for the help!
jhoijhoi (2051) | January 2, 2013 8:17am
This is a bit outdated now, due to the new filters, though you'd only need to update a few pictures. Perhaps separating these two different topics would be good too, as guide browsing and signature setting aren't really related at all.
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