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Scout System

What is the Scout System?

The Scout System is MobaFire's method of ensuring good guides are publicly recognized by being featured on the front page and also at the top of internal champion guide searches.

Who Scouts/what is the process of Scouting?

Scouts, veterans, moderators and administraters have the very special privilege of awarding Scout Points. When a guide gets enough Scout Points, it will become featured and will get special promotion across the site, as discussed above.

Scouts generally award Scout Points to highlight guides that they think are the best on the site, or guides that deserve more attention than they've been getting. This is a fickle community and sometimes scores can be undeservedly low, so Scouts have a chance to fix that! Scouts who feel that a guide deserves more exposure, but are unsure of whether to give the guide a Scout Point can also start a thread in the private Scout forum to point it out to fellow Scouts in order to discuss its potential promotion.

How do I become a Scout?

There are currently two ways to achieve Scout status. One is through promotion through the ranks due to reputation count. The other method is by manual promotion via nomination. To be nominated, one has to have demonstrated a high commitment to MobaFire, so it is likely that you will already be an Editor within the system before manual promotion.

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