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League of Legends Mage

What is a Mage?

Mages are mostly ranged champions who prioritize powerful abilities over basic attacks. Typically mages are characterized by some combination of long-range, area-effect or high-utility spells to get the job done. A skilled mage can have a huge impact on any team with their versatile skillsets and flexible playstyle.

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Inhumaniac | September 18, 2012 11:27am
I'm sure that they only listed a few for example. Thanks for taking the time to detail all the casters for us though!
Whirlnami7 (9) | August 12, 2012 11:18am
Ahri,Diana,Fiddlesticks,Heimerdinger,Kassadin,Kennen,Leblanc,LUX!,Morgana,Orianna,Rumble, Ryze,Soraka,Swain,Veigar,Viktor,Vladimir,Xerath,Ziggs, Zilean and Zyra. xD
Hatesushi | June 22, 2012 4:32pm
Also Karthus is a caster :l
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