What makes you really tilted in League of Legends

1) My feeder laners who doesn't even asks to take my Jungle and Buffs.
I am okay in some situations i.e you are an ADC which is already strong and takes my Red buff, but if you are something like 1-10 and i am carrying this game, and you take my whole 3 jungle camps that i am going to clean, it makes me really tilted.

2) Someone steals my minions while i am able to take these minions.
Jungler comes, steals my kill, puts his smite on my cannon.

3) Toxicity just because they feed.
In example, I am playing jungle with a great KDA like +4, I take 2 drakes and a Rift. I have 3 level difference between enemy jungle and i outplayed him. I have 30-50 cs more than enemy jungler and I have more successful ganks than him. Botlaner dies once because of their stupid gameplay and they start to flame on me because they died?? This really happens sometimes to me and I just ignore or mute them. They can't face the truth they are just not good as enemy laners, atleast for that game. They think they are the greatest of the world and plays better than professional gamers, they have 160 IQ and they know everything in universe, but sadly their Jungler is playing very bad everytime, they don't have a gaming mouse, that is why they are stucked in Silver.

Note: Guys, losing just a game doesn't makes you bad in League of Legends, maybe your team having some bad day and they don't have sanity and you just lost a game (only a game) because of your team. But if you lose half of your games and flame your whole team because you think they are bad, and that is why you lost these games, you are wrong. You have to look for the fault yourself, not always your team.