It is my pleasure to finally be able to announce a new and exciting webcast solely based on League of Legends content. Much like its predecessors State of the Game and State of the League, Facecheck! Aims to bring up-to-date news and announcements backed up with insightful, entertaining and competitive discussion bought to you by a panel of some of the best minds in both the competitive scene and the industry.

Lead by your two hard-working hosts Facecheck! Will bring you not only the latest news and happenings both nationally and internationally but will use its panel as a means to have weekly discussions about the current strategies and shifts in the metagame to help give you that competitive edge.

While Facecheck! Does have a uniquely Australian focus we'll be covering the best of both local and international
League of Legends news while giving Australian LoL a global platform to springboard from. Basically, we feel there's something for everyone and we're aiming to bring you the best content week in, week out.

With a fantastic list of partners and a real sense of community behind it Facecheck! Hopes to bring you what you want each week so you can stay current with what's going on in the ever-changing landscape of Summoner's Rift.

Facecheck! Will air every Monday night at 8pm AEDT hosted by Julian 'Pastrytime' Carr and Louis 'Nivezz' Dangar with numerous special guests appearing each week. The first episode is due to air on Monday the 2nd of April.

Timezone Information:

Starts Monday 5pm SGT

Starts Monday 5am EDT

Starts Monday 2am PDT

Starts Monday 10am CET

I got asked to help out with the show so come watch a bunch of Aussies talk about LoL (yes it is like state of the league)