This is how you win by feeding.

I died a couple times early on and thought, "**** it. I'm just not going to score any kills. I'm just gonna dive into these team fights, die gloriously, and hope I cause enough ruckus that my mates can get some kills. I'm not even gonna try to live."

Early in, after my third death or so, the enemy team deeply inhaled the sweet, tangy perfume of a noob feeder. You've seen this before. Whenever someone gets that smell in their nose, they always focus hoping for an easy kill. They all compete for the free gold. It's like watching 5 frat guys elbowing past each other to get to the hot girl who got way too drunk and just asked for a ride home.

When you get tagged as a feeder, you snowball in a bad bad way. You die a lot, you can't catch up, and your team hates you. This is exactly what happened.

So I kamikaze dove into team fights. I popped my ult, they ignited me. They unleashed their nukes and CC on me as I ran straight after their squishies. I died. Nearly every team fight, I died. 14 times. Then I had a moment of clarity. I became enlightened like when Keanu saw all the green ascii **** in the walls.

Naturally, my team complained and mocked. But they didn't see the math of what was happening.

Every time I died, I'd help secure a kill. I personally had 0 kills and 20 assist. It was like I was playing Sona. Those kills were worth ~300 gold, give or take, to our Tryn or Corki who last hit the enemy champ. I would get a cut from the "assist purse", about 180 per. By the end, killing me was worth a about 15 gold. So they competed to last hit me for the "easy kill" worth less than a minion.

-1 Mundo = +480 gold for our team.
-1 AP Carry or Support = +15 gold for their team.

The moral of this tale: Like the Batman of LoL, if you are tanking, you should punch them, but don't kill them.

The more the die, the less you are worth. That resets when you kill. So don't kill.