Before I started playing League of Legends I just played Bad Company 2 on the Xbox constantly. I transitioned over to Halo Wars because it reminded me of Star Wars: Empire at War, which I had played consistently in my earlier gaming career. I ran across one of Total Biscuit's videos about League of Legends when he was playing Veigar. This kind of made me want to get back into PC gaming, so I did.

League of Legends has now made me explore a little bit more into MMOs, RPGs, and other games of the like. Not to mention literally having me build a new computer because I wanted to play this game in it's optimal quality.

Did you guys have a similar experience to me? Did League of Legends help you to explore a little bit more into other, more taboo game genres? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments, because I always love to hear what the Mobafire community has to say.