As an ADC main I see lots of people in lower elo making the same mistakes over and over again. It may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 25 tips for improvement as an ADC.

1. Have enough picks - It is OK to one trick a champion for a while, but don't be stuck to only knowing them and being able to only play them well. For example if you are a Lucian main, maybe learn an ADC who counters the champions who counter you, so when you are in a draft pick you can counter pick.

2. Support Synergy - Even if you are not duo-queueing with your support, you need to have synergy with them in terms of their playstyle. If they are looking to pick Leona you should be looking to play an early game ADC who can follow up on her engage like a Draven or Kalista.

3. Ward correctly - This may seem simple but lots of people just blindly place wards in the lane bushes and think nothing of it. These wards are for the most part useless and as an ADC you should be looking to ward the tri bush and the river bush. Your support should be warding the enemy blue/red and the opposite lane bush if necessary.

4. Know the champion you are playing inside out - I will use Caitlyn as an example for this. Lots of players I see don't utilise her large range and don't utilise her E, W, Q, AA, AA combo or even use her W at any point in the game. Some ADCs have certain secrets and combos you can pull off which the enemy won't be expecting so find them out and use them in your own game.

5. Know summoner spells - Look at the enemy summoner spells as this will give you an idea as to what type of lane you will be against. If you see a Twitch and Soraka against you with the Soraka taking exhaust, you know that they will not be playing aggressively. Yet, against a Draven and Morgana with Ignite on Morgana, you know that they will be playing aggressively.

6. Have a plan - This may sound a little boring but having a gameplan is so key. Even if it is just for the laning phase ; being able to know what you need to do to win the game is a great piece of knowledge to have and it can help you assess the mistakes you made and how they affected your gameplan.

7. Csing - Another thing I see lots of people do in low elo is muck up their CS. Not just small scale (i miss the odd CS also) but large scale, like missing waves at a time. My favourite thing to do is let the wave push to me early then build a slow push and force them under turret with a huge wave for them to CS. Unless the ADC im against is actually good then they will miss the majority if not all the CS of about 15 or so minions, its such an easy way to get a large gold lead. So make sure you know how to CS large waves and how to CS under turret.

8. Trades - Know when to trade so you don't lose them. If you know you are better in shorter trades only take short trades and also make sure to punish when they go for CS. It is the most effective way to poke or punish an enemy out of lane and to also make them miss some CS.

9. Starting Items - Lots of ADCs in low elo just buy their suggested starting items. Utilise your gameplan however and buy the correct item for it. If you want a safe and peaceful laning phase buy a Doran's Shield and if you want to be aggressive, buy a Doran's Blade or a Doran's Ring ( if you are playing that style of champion ).

10. Teamfighting - In a teamfight you want to deal the most damage possible without dying. I see some pro players muck up on this as it is very hard to get completely used to. I haven't mastered it either don't worry. When I was watching Doublelift he was just sitting back dealing very little damage and just being a burden on his team's resources, yet Rekkles was destroying their tank in seconds. Rekkles was dealing damage inside of his range to the closest enemy while Hylissang was protecting him from dying. Yet Doublelift was hanging back and not dealing that much damage even when his support was investing so much in keeping him alive. For lower elo players I see the same sorts of mistakes but support are often braindead in these scenarios. This is not an attack on low elo supports as you are a rare breed and I even play Morgana from time to time, but in these teamfight situations I watch people playing mage supports and being the engage tool and playing completely wrong so the ADC has no protection to deal their damage. Protect your ADCs and tell them to try and deal as much damage as possible.

11. Objectives - As the game hits the mid or late game you want to be a large tool in objective taking. After laning phase you typically want to be mid and farming up, looking for turrets elsewhere on the map, or securing rift herald/ Baron/ Drakes. Every time you can take an objective safely it is best to do so as you are the biggest tool on your team to do so.

12. Know how to build - Many ADCs I see in low elo just build the suggested items and don't diversify their build. If the enemy Akali is fed, you need to build some magic resist like a Mercurial Scimitar or Maw of the Maltmortious. There are items you can build as an ADC which can give you more survivability against assassins or people who can kill you.

13. Know your own mistakes - It may seem like the support is a braindead idiot at some points but just assess the situation, what could you have done. By all means tell the support what they did wrong but also know what you did wrong as well and bring that to the table. By knowing what you did wrong you can add that to your knowledge and can look to rectify it.

14. Know the meta - Know who has been nerfed and who has been buffed for your role. Know who is OP and the build they use. Look for any counters to it and if you see it played counter it. Or you could abuse the meta like Draven mains and the fact that Draven needs to be nerfed.

15. Stick with your team - Don't get picked off. Sometimes it is unavoidable but try not to put yourself in that situation. You are the squishiest, yet most important member of your team as you should be dealing the most damage. By sticking with your team you can be ready for a fight if one breaks out and you can be able to survive f an assassin tries to kill you. Don't be found wandering the river by yourself as it is an easy way to be picked off and put your team in a bad position.

Thank you for reading. I have some ADC guides and other blog posts if you would like to check them out. I hope you enjoyed!