As an occasional jungle player, I see a few junglers either not farming or not being enough of an influence on the game. I love playing AP Sejuani jungle and it normally works because of the either lack of farm on the opponent, or the fact that the opponent has no influence on the game. This may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 15 tips to become better as a jungler.

1. Have enough picks - I suggest this for every role because it actually has an effect for draft picking. It is good to one trick a champion sometimes yet that champion can get banned then you are stuck. As a jungler you normally want to be countering what the enemy is playing or just picking a safer pick if you are picking first. Having multiple strong picks is very effective if you are looking to try and influence the game properly.

2. Understand playstyles - If you are playing someone like Xin Zhao in the jungle, you will be looking for early to mid game duels, yet if you are playing Kayn you are trying to just farm up till late game. Knowing your and the enemy's playstyles properly will allow you to understand the matchup.

3. Vision - Make sure you have more than enough vision in all areas of the jungle or just the objective you are playing around. Typically around the 20 minute mark you want to focus your vision around the baron area, yet in the early game you want to focus your vision in the river and your own buffs. Know where to ward for the route you are taking.

4. Which Smite? - Are you going to take challenging or chilling smite? There isn't much difference but knowing this can let you think more about other items you want to build into. For example if you are playing Kha'zix, are you going to go Duskblade or Youmuu's after?

5. Have a plan - This is essential for every role and it is so key. Having a gameplan allows you to understand what you need to do in the game to win. Knowing a gameplan will help you when navigating the jungle as you constantly think about whether the route you are taking is going with your gameplan.

6. Plan your route - Your route is key in the jungle as it is your way of farming efficiently. A very popular route at the moment for predator junglers is Red buff into Raptors into Crugs, then recalling and clearing blue side into a gank. An early game route like this will allow you to know what you are doing while also checking your lanes for ganks.

7. Dueling - When duelling in the jungle analyse whether your lanes will be able to help you or not. If your bot lane is pushed and you are duelling in the river, your bot lane will be the first to respond and allow you to win the duel.

8. Starting items - This isn't a huge section for junglers yet it is still important as to your champion. You can either take Hunter's Machete or Hunter's Talisman and one of them normally synergises with the champion you are playing for their initial jungle clears.

9. Teamfighting - This is harder to give advice on for junglers because of the vast amount of champions who can play there. Depending on what type of champion you are playing, you should play a teamfight in that style.

10. Build Adaptation - If an enemy mage gets fed, then you should know to adapt your build to get some Magic Resist, and the same for AD champions.

11. Analyse your mistakes - It may not seem your fault but your death may actually be your own fault. What did you do wrong? Ask that question before you ask it to your teammates as it will help you not make the same mistake again.

12. Know the meta - Know who has been buffed, nerfed and who is broken in the current meta. Analyse it and either play the broken champions or counter them.

13. Analyse your lanes - When looking for ganks analyse whether they will work out or not. One of the main mistakes I see is ganking a losing lane. You can do it if you are certain it will work out but not just because the lane is losing as you may just snowball the lead the enemy has. Normally you want to gank a lane that is pushed in on your side, or one that is easy for you to kill.

14. Farming - Don't AFK farm all game. It may seem a good option for a late game champion but you just end up letting all your lanes lose and not having an area to snowball.

15. Objectives - You are the team member with smite, so make sure you can secure objectives like the Baron or Drake as you will be the main focus to do so.

Thanks for reading, I have some ADC guides and many other blog posts if you want to check them out.