As an ADC main and an occasional support player, I see lots of low elo supports being braindead and/or making the same mistakes over and over again. It may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 15 tips for improvement as a Support.

1. Have enough picks - Its OK to one trick a champion but in the support role it is less possible to do so as you must be looking to counter pick or synergise with any pick your ADC chooses. Have multiple strong picks which you can pick with and against multiple ADCs and other typical supports.

2. Copy playstyles - Look at what champion your ADC is playing and pick to go along with their playstyle. For example, if they are playing Draven, pick Leona or another snowbally support with engage.

3. Ward correctly - As a support one of your main roles is to do with vision. You need to unlock the warding passive on your support item as soon as possible, this leads to more overall vision for your team. Also in the laning phase ward alternate to your ADC and that is typically the opposite lane brush and enemy blue/red buff.

4. Utilise your summoner spells - If you have ignite look for kill pressure and for exhaust look to use it during all ins. Make sure you know the enemy's summoner spells as well as this gives good intel as to the playstyle they will be utilising.

5. Have a plan - Having a gameplan is key and it is normally based on the ADC matchup. If you are with a Twitch you will know that they will want to play safe and farm up so dont constantly look for all ins.

6. Relic Shield - Use relic stacks properly. By that I mean don't do them on the first wave or on mage minions. This is so annoying to see as an ADC as the relic stacks are useless for the first wave. Use them on the second wave and the cannon. It will restore any helath the ADC may have lost and will give you more gold overall.

7. Trading - Be on the ball when trading and try to only take trades you ca win. Be aware of the actions of your ADC and if you are looking to all in get the ADC to know whats happening.

8. Starting items - another way to tell your ADCs playstyle is the starting items they choose. If they go Doran's Shield (for example) they may be playing less aggressively.

9. Teamfighting - Try as hard as possible to keep your team alive and engage. This is your main role in a teamfght and all too often I see supports just be useless in a teamfight.

10. Build adaptation - Know how to adapt your build based on your enemies. If they are all magic damage, then there is no point building a Thornmail.

11. Know your own mistakes - It may seem that your ADC is terrible but just assess the situation. Know what you could have done better and also tell the ADC what they did wrong also. By knowing your mistakes you can improve and not make it again.

12. Know the meta - Know who has been nerfed and who is broken in the current meta. Either play them or a counter to them

13. Stick with vulnerable team members - Don't let squishy team members get picked off in the mid and late game as this will let the enemy snowball and ultimately win fights.

14. Pushing the wave - Don't actively auto the wave, only when you need to push with your ADC. Let the ADC have the large majority of wave control as it helps with their gameplan

15. Roaming - Only look to roam when it is safe to do so, and when roaming put down vision and be useful to your team.

Thank you for reading, I have ADC guides and other blog posts if you want to check them out.