After the recent crit changes there are many different ways to build Kai'sa. I am currently confused as to which build is best and I will try and show everyone what the options are to building Kaisa.

Option1: Essence Reaver-Rageblade-Runaan's
This build was used by Rekkles earlier into the patch yet hasnt been seen much since. I tried this build out yet it has some fundamental flaws. Firstly, you severely lack attack speed until three items and you get your E evolution very slowly. Secondly, you dont get your Q evolution till late either and the same with your W. The mana regen is very useful on Kai'sa yet I dont think you should build Essence Reaver first item. I think it should be a key items in a Kai'sa build however.

Option 2: Blade of the Ruined King-Rapid Firecannon-Infinity Edge
This build is one i've seen on a couple of Kai'sa's yet I dont like this build anyway. The life steal and attack speed is useful, yet your early powerspike is delayed and your evolutions are again delayed. This build is still good yet it is not optimal on the new Kai'sa as you also lack crit which is more essential on the new patch.

Option 3: Death's Dance-Runaan's-Infinity Edge
This build is similar to the Blade of the Ruined King one, yet this build was seen when Kai'sa first came out. This build and the BORK build miss out Rageblade as early items which isnt optimal as it stops her stacking and key items.

Option 4: BF Sword-2 Pickaxes- Berserker's Greaves
This is the build that the pros use and the one I recommend. This build allows you to get an early Q evolution once you have the BF sword and 2 pickaxes and then gives you the crit and rageblade once you expand on the item base. This allows you to grab the attack speed you need with a Shivv or Runaan's to get your E evolution and give you the crit you need also.

I suggest that everyone uses the Infinity Edge and Rgeblade build because of how much better it is than other builds I have currently seen other Kai'sa's use.