I like to play Morgana a fair amount. I prefer playing her mid as the matchup normally shows my skill of the champion as she is not a conventional mid lane champion. It is a great counter for Zeds and Irelias for the laning phase and mid game. But Morgana support is what I see most people play. And to be fair it is where she should be played in the current meta. Yet i see lots of people playing her in the wrong sort of style. They play her in a more sort of Janna style where they sit back and don't do much other than max E and never land Qs. Some people may say this is bad support play (I say that also), but it is what I see most people doing around silver and gold elo.

So I present to you the Morgana gold grabbing strategy (it can work on other mage supports but I am using Morgana as an example as it is the easiest champion to do it with). The Morgana gold grabbing strategy s where you max W and spam it on the immobile ADCs you will be up against, getting gold from the Remnant of the Watchers you will be building first. What this strategy does is it pokes out enemy laners, gives you gold every time you land it, in some cases stops the enemy farming efficiently and it lets your ADC farm safely as you are the main concern of the enemy laners. So how do you pull it off?

Firstly, you buy a Spellthief's Edge and two health potions and just expand that item into a remnant of the watchers as soon as possible while also buying Ionian boots of Lucidity for the cooldown reduction you need. In the laning phase you want to be maxing W then Q then E so you can deal the most damage possible in your poke and ensure for ganks if you get them. During the first few minion waves you want to be either conservative of your Ws (only using them when they are a guaranteed hit) or forceful (using them whenever they have a chance of hitting) depending on your ADC. If the ADC wants to farm up then be sparing with your Ws and if they want to be an early game threat try and poke the enemy as much as possible. Once you hit level 9 you should have your support item and Ionian boots with a maxed W (you get almost as much money as the ADC in the early game if you play well) to which you start to build into a Rod of Ages. This gives you more poke damage and lots of mana to keep spamming your W and getting more gold so you actually deal a fair amount of damage with your Q and progressively with your W. After Rod of AGes is completed, you can push waves by yourself if you need to with your W and your W will become an even more effective zoning tool. The rest of the build is typically a Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil and a Rabadons Deathcap (if you want to deal a lot of damage) or Redemption (if your team needs extra healing or you want to actually be a support).

Unlike in other games you dont completely rely on your ADC with this build as you gain lots of gold to get more items and deal more damage. Your E has a good AP scaling for the shield resistances so your ADC may actually stay alive with your shield on. You also do a good amount of damage compared to that of being a normal support and literally just being a CC slave. So, to all you aspiring mage supports give this strategy a try. I would assume it even works on Brand (if you can hit skillshots), Soraka (with her E or Q) and other similar style mage supports.

Thank you very much for reading, I have guides to the ADCs I play if you want to check them out and a YouTube channel I will start uploading on soon. My other blog posts will be on my blog and I hope you have a good day!